Newark Airport Evacuation Photo

Newark Airport Evacuation Photo

This complete claustrophobia inducing craziness is a mass evacuation that took place at the Newark airport after some guy slipped through the airport security going the opposite way. TSA spokeswoman Anne Davis said that an individual walked from the public side to the sterile side of the Newark International Airport resulting in complete lock-down of the airport with mass evacuation of all people from the terminal. No flights scheduled to leave from Newark’s terminal C were allowed to take off Sunday evening.

Videos from Newark Airport’s surveillance cameras are now being reviewed by the police and other relevant authorities to figure out what happened. At the time it was not known whether the man who caused havoc was once on the sterile side and just went back choosing the wrong way or whether he slipped onto the sterile side without being screened.

Either way, passengers who had already passed the security screening, were evacuated out of Newark’s sterile area to be re-screened once more. Miraculously, despite crazy looking mass evacuation (as per photo above), no one was trampled during the ordeal.

And this happens only days after Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s failed terrorist attack aboard the Destroit bound plane, when whole America is concerned about airport security and debate of the merits of intrusive screening methods, such as stripping passengers naked with use of special “see under clothes” devices remains the hot topic. Crazy world we live in.

Newark Airport Evacuation Photo was originally posted by New York Times columnist David Carr

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