Rape Victim Maria Besedina Talks About Her Experience and Appeals to MTA

While most rape victims are just spoiled brats full of shit taking advantage of society’s overexaggeration of rape, Maria Besedina seems to be one of the real victim. But even today, four year since her ordeal at the 23rd Street station in Long Island City, justice’s been anything but served and Maria Besedina is left with nothing but tears in her eyes.

New York’s subway station located on the 23rd Street in Queens is well known for high crime. The fact that it only has one exit and a tunnet to it is long makes it so much more dangerous. But when Maria Besedina was walking through it in June of 2005, it would never have occured to her that she’d get raped in plain view of two MTA workers who did very little to help her out. As the rapist attacked and raped her right on a subway platform, the clerks who watched it happen from within their glass booths radioed Central Command to let them know that there is a possible attack happening at the station, but other than that, nothing’s been done to help Maria Besedina who was screaming for help.

As the violent attack continued, the conductor of a train that was passing by at a low speed saw the attack but gave command for the train to leave and did just as big a nothing, other than alerting Central Command, as the other two clerks.

Seeking justics, Maria Besedina sued MTA for negligence and for failing to provide safety to a customer but her case was thrown out of court by the Supreme Court Justice Kevin Kerrigan who said that action of the tranit workers was prompt and decisive.

The New York Post has a video with Maria Besedina who talks about her experience and appeals to MTA to take preventative measures as many people use subway trains for their daily life.

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  1. We hope that the attacker will soon be arrested so that Besedina could at least claim for justice and in order to prevent similar incident to happen again..

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