Robbie Maddison – New Years Eve 2008 Motorcycle Jump (video)

There is no doubt Robbie Maddison got laid last night. He got lucky big time, but screw that shit. Did you saw the ho that was gonna suck on his dick? She’s an ugly fug. Ewww, so much for a 100 foot drop on a motorcycle, Robbie Maddison if all you got out of that was that ugly whore blowing your junk.

This video of a crazy motorcycle stunt pulled off by Robbie Maddison was broadcast live on New years Eve 2008 as part of Red Bull No Limit New Years Eve show (copyright ESPN 2009). Robbie Maddison jumped on top of a building riding his motorcycle and then jump down 100 feet on a platform below where an ugly fake whore was wating for him giving him signs that she was gonna swallow his man juice in whole tonight. Dude risked his fucking life and gets laid with a fug. Great job, duche. Nice stant though.

Happy New Year to all of my wonderful readers for putting up with my lame ass during 2008 and making Beer Steak Bullshit blog a success. You guys rock. You also get laid more than I do. May your genital juices get lots of loving in 2009 and may herpes stay away from you and jump on everyone who doesn’t want to fuck with you. This one’s gonna one hell of a year. PF 2009

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2 thoughts on “Robbie Maddison – New Years Eve 2008 Motorcycle Jump (video)”

  1. Robbie Didn’t get laid by a FUG, he actually has a smoking hot fiance perhaps that was her u nasty fuck. Believe me, Robbie Maddison, has never gotten laid by a fugly he has glamours falling all over him. Believe me. Fug’s aren’t his style, I sense a bit of a hater in you. Don’t hate him cause you ain’t him 😉

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