Sneha Philip – Back on the List of 9/11 Victims

Sneha Philip – At Last on the List of 9/11 Victims

The name of Dr. Sneha Philip will be read at Ground Zero today, including her on the list of 9/11 victims. Her name was taken off the list 4 years ago when it was believed that she wasn’t killed, just disappeared into the unknown.

Sneha Philip vanished on September 10, 2001. Her image was recorded on a security video camera as she was buying lingerie and after that there’s a big nothing. In 2004, court ruled that her name be removed form the list of victims as it was impossible to say for sure whether she was a victim of the terror attacks or what exactly happened.

The family of Sneha Philip fought for years to get her name cleaned up and put her back on the list believing she died as she was helping with rescue missions. One of the reasons why she was taken off the list was her reputation as drug user and a whore. But it looks like court now decided to debunk these claims and call Sneha Philip a hero instead.

Ronald Lieberman, husband of Sneha Philip fought really hard to get his wife back on the list – somehow that’s not surprising as that would mean 9/11 compensation fund money for him. Her body was never found, he could have easy offed her by taking advantage of 9/11 mess and not only be rid of his wife who spent most of her night sleeping with somebody else, he’d also get paid by the government for it. Talk about smart fish… God knows what really happened, though. RIP to all the victims.

Sneha Philip Image credit: Maisel/News.

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