Golden Lancehead Pitviper on Ilha da Queimada Grande aka Snake Island

Golden Lancehead Pitviper on Ilha da Queimada Grande aka Snake Island

Golden Lancehead is a genus of highly venomous Pitviper that can be found nowhere else but on a Brazilian island of Ilha da Queimada Grande. Even though the name of the island translates as Burnt Island, it is better known for its name of Snake Island. The reason being – it is said that there are as many as 5 extremely dangerous Golden Lanceheads per square meter on Ilha da Queimada Grande, which makes the island the most dangerous and the most uninhabitable place on Earth.

This amazing photo above is of Golden Lancehead – a rare and endangered species of pitviper whose poison can kill a person within minutes – hunting their only prey that is available to them – birds. Because Golden Lanceheads own Ilha da Queimada Grande entirely, no other mammals can be found on the island so the snakes feed on migratory birds who provide plenitude of food even for seemingly out of control population of snakes.

To learn more about Golden Lanceheads head over to the Ilha da Queimada Grande page on Vacation Ideas.

Father Encourages Daughter To Abuse Animals

This is one of the saddest cases of a wasted piece of flesh I have seen in a long time. Worthless father wants his daughter to be as worthless as he is, so he encourages her to abuse innocent animals. Little idiot with a camera encourages his daughter to continuously stress a monitor lizard out because it has nowhere to hide and can’t run fast enough to escape. Truly a heroic act!

Here’s hoping that karma will find her way back to these horrible human beings and this little witch gets her eyes, tongue and clit ripped out by a pack of 2 meters long lizards, so her daddy can watch the wreck for the rest of his life and think about how it felt when he encouraged this stupid kid to hurt this innocent animal for entertainment.

If you recognize this nasty kid or her father, let them know what you think of them. The kid needs the same treatment Kenny Glenn got for abusing poor Dusty. This little kid is equally evil and equally dangerous for the society. Let’s hope she and her father are taken off the streets swiftly.

Lyssianasid Amphipod aka Antarctic Shrimp Discovered by NASA 600 Feet Below Ice

Lyssianasid Amphipod aka Antarctic Shrimp Discovered by NASA 600 Feet Below Ice

When scientists from NASA dug a hole through the arctic ice to bury a video camera 600 feet (183 meters) below it, they didn’t expect to find any higher life forms in this place where no sun rays ever make it though. To their surprise, an Antarctic Shrimp known as Lyssianasid Amphipod came to check their camera out and even parked itself on a camera cable.

The discovery of the shrimp like Lyssianasid Amphipod as well as a jellyfish at the underbelly of the Antactic ice sheet opens new questions on where else could higher life forms be discovered. NASA ice scientists admit that they expected to find nothing more than certain types of microbes in a place where light never shines so what was Lyssianasid Amphipod doing there?

The 3 inch long Lyssianasid Amphipod is not a shrimp, just a distant relative that looks like one. Some scientists speculate that sub freezing, permanently dark waters below Antarctic ice sheet may not be the permanent dwelling of this Lyssianasid Amphipod, stating that the orange critter may have swam there from great distances.

The biggest puzzle remains – what does the Lyssianasid Amphipod feed on in this hostile environment. The reason why scientists didn’t expect to find nothing but microbes down there is that they are capable of feeding themselves on chemicals dissolved in ocean water, but higher life forms such as a shrimp or a jellyfish need more than that to survive.

The discovery of Lyssianasid Amphipod comes to show how little we know about the planet we tend to think we know everything about. If advanced life forms exist in these harsh conditions, could there be any on distant planets? Is Lyssianasid Amphipod just the beginning of it? Could there be much more to discover in human unchallenged waters deep below Antarctic ice?

Playful Puppy Gets Mercilessly Owned by a Feisty Cat (cute video)

This is one of the cutest video you have ever seen. Playful puppy wants to play and starts nibbling on cat’s ear. Feisty cat is having none of that and punched the puppy in the fact twice. Puppy attempts to continue playing but gets another punch. Then the puppy gives out a heartbreaking cry and the feisty cat knocks it out. So cute it’s unreal.

Shamu Attack – Sea World Trainer Killed by Orca Killer Whale in Orlando

Dawn Brancheau and Shamu Killer Shale

Shamu, beautiful Killer Whale named Tilikum that was withdrawn from its natural habitat and imprisoned for entertainment of fat, disgusting humans with obnoxious kids at Sea World in Orlando, Florida has attacked a trainer before. The video below shows Shamu Attack during one of the exercises but that time the trainer got off easy. This wasn’t the case of February 24, 2010. On that day, Orca trainer Dawn Brancheau did not see that Shamu was not having it today and kept getting in its way. Frustrated after years of abuse, Shamu snapped and killed the trainer. Now, if only all other animals enslaved for entertainment of fat, disgusting humans with obnoxious kids snapped and went on a killing rampage, perhaps then we would realize that they are living creatures that wish to be left alone.

Shamu: 1
Trainer: 0

SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida has temporarily suspended the killer whale show until the Shamu situation is resolved. An article in Orlando Sentinel explains that said trainer, who’s a Sea World old-schooler was telling the audience what they were about to see and what the performance involved. When she was done talking, Shamu jumped out of the pool and owned the woman trainer. Witnesses reports state that Shamu grabbed Dawn Brancheau by the waste and thrashed her around like a ragdoll.

Tilikum: 1
Dawn Brancheau: 0

Does anyone wonder why this happened? How about if we take a look again at the name given to these beautiful animals: Killer Whale! No way, is “killer” really in the name? Could it be that there is a reason for that? Regardless – whether Orcas are notorious killers or not, they have no business being imprisoned in confined spaces outside of their natural habitat being mistreated and abused by some trainers at the Sea World. That’s just not right and it only serves trainer well that she was owned. Killer Whales are carnivores. They eat meat. A trainer is nothing more than a greasy chunk of meat surrounding shaven vagina. Shamu only did what comes natural to it – ate the vagina.

Saddest part is – the idiots at Orlando Sea World are going to take Shamu down. They’re gonna declare it unsafe and kill it. Well, duh! Killer Whale unsafe? Who would have thought? How about you release Shamu to its natural environment and spare it from abuse. It’s had more than enough of you, people. Save Shamu. Kill a trainer!

Maximum Exposure video showing previous Shamu attack is below. Guess they didn’t learn:

Photo above shows Dawn Brancheau – the actual trainer who was killed by Shamu the Killer Shale. Photo taken by Orlando Sentinel

Fishing Idiot Drew Gregory Owned by Horny Goose

When idiot humans go to torture and abuse innocent animals and another representative of animal kingdom comes to the rescue and owns stupid human, it’s always worth sharing. Such is the video of fishing idiot Drew Gregory who refers to himself as “pro kayak angler”. Drew Gregory is an animal torturer extraordinaire who even takes pleasure at catching poor fish on the hook and pulling them by their sensitive mouth out of the water. His tormenting actions did not escape attention of awesome geese one of which happened to be pretty horny and wanted to stick his goose penis in Drew Gregory on a kayak.

Unfortunately for the fisher, he’s got no brain so he thought he was attacked by said goose. This wasn’t an attack, it was an attempt to copulate. I understand it gave Drew Gregory “goose bumps” because it was one unexpected “goose hump” – get it??? He should praise the God that it was the goose who wanted to have sex with him, not the mighty penis endowed duck, though.

Anyway, animal owning stupid people to protect other animals are always cool. I’m glad this idiot’s intention to torture more fish were interrupted at least for a little while. Brave goose should be awarded the medal of peace for saving innocent lives Drew Gregory would otherwise mercilessly kill following hook torture.

Horny Goose: 1
Drew Gregory: 0

Sheep in Turkey Gives Birth to Lamb with Human Face

Sheep in Turkey Gives Birth to Lamb with Human Face

I wouldn’t believe this story if you bribed me with blowjobs from your sister, but since masses at large out there are prone to believe anything they are served (Barack Obama becoming the president is the proof of the previous statement), let me tell you about a sheep in Turkey that gave birth to a dead lamb with human face:

Turkish veterinarian Erhan Elibol performed Cesarean section on the sheep in Izmir, Turkey but when lamb came out, it had snout that resembled human face (has Barack Obama been to Turkey recently?). Given that this story originates from Turkey one would have to think twice before they believe it. Mutating a sheep with human genes would not be that easy but then again, Turkey is a predominantly Muslim country (almost everyone is Muslim – 99%) and you never know what a Muslim would stick his dick into.

If you add to it the fact that most deformities come from these parts of the world (India rules in this regard), you could easily come to conclusion that this story is real, regardless of how crazy it may seem at first. Of course there are no videos of the lamb with human body, only questionable quality pictures and locals burned the body after it was born so scientists couldn’t study it and confirm the claims. You believe Barack Obama is the savior of the world, feel free to believe a sheep in Turkey gave birth to a lamb with human face. Meantimely, I’ll go and enjoy quality time with your sister.

This Is Why Nobody Likes Kids

I’ve seen this ridiculously lame and fake video today. It’s with that guy who has that awesome Aussie accent and then there is that spider on the ceiling and everything is fine, the spider kind of jumps off of the ceiling as the Oz man tries to trap her in a plastic jar but the entire footage is spoiled by fake kid voice. Atrocious. This is why nobody likes kids. Kids sound irritating and act irritating. Why would you voice over a stupid kid’s voice when you are putting together a viral video. This would be fun to watch, albeit fake video, but it’s utterly rotten now with that kid’s voice. Why not spruce it up with the sound of blood squirting out of kid’s head or something less irritating. Seriously, this is why nobody likes kids. Because you force them into otherwise half enjoyable videos.

Nice spider BTW.

Baboons Perform Live Sex Show for Safari Tourists on Moving Jeep

Baboons Perform Live Sex Show for Safari Tourists on Moving Jeep

Give baboons a break. They are just voyeuristic exhibitionists close to humans. When a baboons needs to bust his nut, he busts his nut, even if it takes him for a ride on the trunk of a moving Safari Jeep. This weird sounding Polish screech kind of spoils the video, but it’s a pretty enjoyable live sex show never the less. It started with baboon pimp who wanted to go on a road trip. He was spotted by horny female baboon in heat who wasn’t letting an able bodied male baboon go all by himself with questionable morality Polish people, so she jumped on and without any second guessing offered her pink ass cheeks for insertion. Live sex show on your Safari Tour ride in Africa and you didn’t even have to put any coins in like in Amsterdam.

I was impressed by lady baboons willingness to chase after a male and get right down to sex without remorse. I wish lady humans were like that. I imagine riding on the hood in my hood, a ho comes running towards me, jumps the hood and spreads her thighs like bold eagle. I look at her, say to myself: “not a bad ho!” whip out my monkey tool and feel the insides of her lusty vagina. Then I pull out, lay back on the hood and look all bored so she can work her way to deserve my dick in her ass. Sweet life of a monkey. The video is below:

Iguanas Falling from Trees in Florida (video)

Iguanas Falling from Trees in Florida (video)

Living in Northern Alberta, I find wussies from areas such as Florida completely ridiculous when they spot a snowflake. Temperatures in Florida dropped a little bit and everyone, including animals are all puff about it. While people mostly yap incoherent shite about it being cold, iguanas are falling from trees. Just like that, dropping off the branches.

Iguanas are not native to Florida. They were brought in from Central and South America and released to the wild by careless pet owners. It was only a question of time before invasive species quit on local conditions. I wouldn’t quite imagine it by freezing motionless till you fall from a tree, but still, nature has its way with invasive species.

The iguanas falling from trees used to be the urban legend but now there are video documents to prove the statement true. According to the experts, even though tree falling iguanas appear dead on impact, they are not. When temperatures drop below 40 Degrees Fahrenheit, iguanas’ body switches off and enters a state of hibernation. The only part of their body that still operates is their heart. The rest is completely shut off. If this stage is reached while iguana is sitting on a branch of a tree where they dwell, the imminent result is a free falling drop. When temperatures grows above 40, their bodies revive.

Video with footage of iguanas falling from trees in Florida is below.