Cheetah Girl Naked? You Bet – Adrienne Bailon Nude Pictures Are Here

Adrienne Bailon Naked Pic

Another Disney chick graced us with slutty naked pics scandal. Adrienne Bailon, the oldest member of The Cheetag Girls pop band went all skanky on camera, saved those nude pictures on her laptop, the laptop got stolen, nude pictures hit the web. That’s a no compromise sequence of events that anticipates all slutty Disney whores. Still, Vanessa Hudgens remains the sluttiest of the Disney whores.

25 year old Adrienne Bailon had her laptop which magically contained nude pictures of herself got stolen at JFK airport (I don’t get how people get their shit stolen at airports – there’s security personnell everywhere). The label representing Adrienne Bailon and The Cheetah Girl got a phone call from a dude who said he had the laptop which appears to belong to Adrienne Bailon and was willing to return it for $1000 cash.

Meeting was set up, anonimouse man returned the laptop but slutty nude pictures were gone. Fast forward few days ahead – internet gets flooded with naked pics of Adrienne Bailon. Of course it does. We need to see her naked booty too. How unfair would it be if finder kept her slutty ass for himself. Share nude pictures. Everyone wants to see some naked cheetah.

Adrienne Bailon says she went slutty and took nude pictures for her boyfriend – Robert Kardashian, who’s a brother of that other fake-ass skank Kim Kardashian. BTW, what’s up with Adrienne Bailon’s boobs? Does she have fake tits too?

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