Miley Cyrus Ass Pic – First Ever!

Miley Cyrus Ass Pic - First Ever!

That’s a rare occasion. We have first ever Miley Cyrus ass pic. The world’s most famous underage whore is slowly getting all of her body parts revealed. Plus we on Beer Steak Bullshit Blog are having an ass day it seems. So much ass in one day… wow.

This latest (and first ever) Miley Cyrus Ass Pic is a continuation of the saga started when hacker who calls himself TrainReq hacked into the phone of Miley Cyrus and posted leaked shower pictures on warez forum The pictures spread like fire throughout the internet and we had them posted too. If you haven’t seen the goodness yet, click on this –> Miley Cyrus Hacked Shower Pics For Nick Jonas.

When those first racy pics were leaked, TrainReq mentioned that he has some more “worse pictures” of Hannah Montana’s star. He’s releasing them bit by bit to keep the momentum alive and it’s working. Now that we have the ass pic, the anticipation for something even “worse” has built up. Damn, where’s that pic of a pedo bear? Or that retard Chris Hansen?


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22 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Ass Pic – First Ever!”

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