Consumer Electronics Show 2010 Review – The Best Of

Consumer Electronics Show 2010 Review - The Best Of

Consumer Electronics Show 2010 that has just concluded in Las Vegas has created a lot of buzz. I was one of the excited observers who was especially focused on upcoming 3D TV sets. Needless to say, the 3D Television has generated most interest but there were some other gadgets worth a mention. Without further ado, let me take a brief look at the Best of Consumer Electronics Show 2010 and offer my own Consumer Electronics Show 2010 Review:

Consumer Electronics Show E-Readers Review

Given the digital age we have all submerged ourselves into, 2010 is without doubt all about the electronic media. As a result, many exhibitors at the Consumer Electronics Show displayed their e-readers and e-books. I personally don’t find any of those useable as I would either use my laptop to read on line news or would stick with paper print if I’m on an airplane or a bus. Even though some e-readers were made from flexible materials and allowed for being roller up, I still didn’t find it anything I would like to own.

Consumer Electronics Show Interactive Dashboard Review

Ford has introduced an in car system that will be up to par with latest computer technologies and will allow the users to connect to the internet and play interactive games. The MyFord Touch Dashboard will be featured in 2011 Ford Edge. This is pretty cool. I’m actually surprised cars are still not sold with this being a standard feature.

Consumer Electronics Show Skype on TV Review

LG and Panasonic will be equipping their connected HDTVs with webcam and Skype support so consumers will be able to make VOIP phone calls using their internet connection and big screen, high definition TV Set. This is cool. You’ll be able to see your girlfriend’s mug across your 50″ HDTV as you’re camming on Skype next time around. Cool stuff.

Consumer Electronics Show Sony SD Card Support Review

Sony cameras will now be available with support for Secure Digital memory cards. Sony used to only support their proprietary Memory Stick which really sucked and made for more expensive and non cross platform compatible solution. Quality of Sony cameras will remain shitty, but now you can have one that takes SD cards. All in all, you are the only one to blame if you opt for overpriced, underperforming cameras made by Sony. It’s akin to buying a Mac computer. It plain and simple = FAIL!

Consumer Electronics Show 3D Video Camera Review

Panasonic has introduced an end user camcorder that will record 3D videos (playable in 3D on 3D TV Sets). The camcorder is equipped with two lenses, each recording Full HD video on its SDHC card. The camcorder will be available for sale in fall of 2010 and will cost $21,000. Given the price tag, Panasonic will custom build the camcorder for you. Awesome. Let the bets begin on who the first porn producers with 3D cameras will be.

Consumer Electronics Show USB 3.0 HDD and Laptops Review

USB 3.0 storage devices (computer and laptop hard drives) were introduces by Western Digital and Seagate. Intel has introduced one of their upcoming laptops which will have the capability to wirelessly connect to an HD TV with mere touch of a button.

This is my brief best of sum up of the CES Consumer Electronics Show 2010 in Las Vegas. The 3D TVs ruled the show and drew most interest. Everyone is gonna want to have a 3D TV in their living rooms. Let’s hope you the reader have put off the purchase of a new big screen TV or else you’re gonna hate yourself. See you at Consumer Electronics Show 2011.

3D TV Sets for Sale

3D TV Sets for Sale

If you have recently purchased a brand new TV set (a Christmas present for the family, perhaps), you’ll be pretty pissed off to hear this one. Commercially available 3D TV Sets will be available for sale to end consumers this year. It is expected that new 3D TV Sets will be only about $300 more expensive than same size flat screen TV Sets without 3D capability. You’ve heard it right – a 3D TV experience right in your living room. This is gonna change the way you watch porn forever.

DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg said that his studio will release each of their new movies in 3D versions, because 2010 will be the year of 3D TVs. Sony, Discovery and Imax are joining forces to create the first fully 3D TV channel that could go live as early as towards the end of this year. HDNet owner Mark Cuban also said that his channel will start broadcasting most of its prime time and weekend shows in 3D soon. Disney owned sports network ESPN is planning to start with 3D broadcast on June 11, 2009 with the World Cup soccer.

The question now remains – which company has produced 3D TV Sets? People behind International CES – the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow said they expect Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Mitsubishi and Vizio to unveil their 3D TV models at this week’s show (takes place between January 7 and 10, 2010 in Las Vegas). Consumer trends analysts anticipate 3D TV Sets to become an instant hit. As many as 45% of household in North America may feature a 3D TV Set by 2014 – the analysts anticipate.

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