Father Encourages Daughter To Abuse Animals

This is one of the saddest cases of a wasted piece of flesh I have seen in a long time. Worthless father wants his daughter to be as worthless as he is, so he encourages her to abuse innocent animals. Little idiot with a camera encourages his daughter to continuously stress a monitor lizard out because it has nowhere to hide and can’t run fast enough to escape. Truly a heroic act!

Here’s hoping that karma will find her way back to these horrible human beings and this little witch gets her eyes, tongue and clit ripped out by a pack of 2 meters long lizards, so her daddy can watch the wreck for the rest of his life and think about how it felt when he encouraged this stupid kid to hurt this innocent animal for entertainment.

If you recognize this nasty kid or her father, let them know what you think of them. The kid needs the same treatment Kenny Glenn got for abusing poor Dusty. This little kid is equally evil and equally dangerous for the society. Let’s hope she and her father are taken off the streets swiftly.