Religulous – Documentary about Religion with Bill Maher

This looks like a pretyt good documentary. Titled Religulous, the full feature film follows humorist Bill Maher on his quest around the world interviewing people about religion, God and all that good stuff.

The trailer above is just a warm up, but if entire Religulous is done in the same spirit, this movie is gonna be fun to watch. Bill Maher of course utilizes his wits to deliver unprecedented questions and interviews that bite right where it itches.

Religulous is directed by Larry Charles, the dude who also directed Borat. They’re sure playing a high game, there’s hardly any other institution as powerful as religious groups. Fr thousands of years, religion has been the tool of mind control and it is no secret that biggest wars have been ought in the name of God. Some of the greatest atrocities of all time have been committed in the name of God. Would the same people let this movie fly? Or are we going to find a pic of Bill Maher on the box of every pasteurized milk few weeks down the road?.