Shamu Attack – Sea World Trainer Killed by Orca Killer Whale in Orlando

Dawn Brancheau and Shamu Killer Shale

Shamu, beautiful Killer Whale named Tilikum that was withdrawn from its natural habitat and imprisoned for entertainment of fat, disgusting humans with obnoxious kids at Sea World in Orlando, Florida has attacked a trainer before. The video below shows Shamu Attack during one of the exercises but that time the trainer got off easy. This wasn’t the case of February 24, 2010. On that day, Orca trainer Dawn Brancheau did not see that Shamu was not having it today and kept getting in its way. Frustrated after years of abuse, Shamu snapped and killed the trainer. Now, if only all other animals enslaved for entertainment of fat, disgusting humans with obnoxious kids snapped and went on a killing rampage, perhaps then we would realize that they are living creatures that wish to be left alone.

Shamu: 1
Trainer: 0

SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida has temporarily suspended the killer whale show until the Shamu situation is resolved. An article in Orlando Sentinel explains that said trainer, who’s a Sea World old-schooler was telling the audience what they were about to see and what the performance involved. When she was done talking, Shamu jumped out of the pool and owned the woman trainer. Witnesses reports state that Shamu grabbed Dawn Brancheau by the waste and thrashed her around like a ragdoll.

Tilikum: 1
Dawn Brancheau: 0

Does anyone wonder why this happened? How about if we take a look again at the name given to these beautiful animals: Killer Whale! No way, is “killer” really in the name? Could it be that there is a reason for that? Regardless – whether Orcas are notorious killers or not, they have no business being imprisoned in confined spaces outside of their natural habitat being mistreated and abused by some trainers at the Sea World. That’s just not right and it only serves trainer well that she was owned. Killer Whales are carnivores. They eat meat. A trainer is nothing more than a greasy chunk of meat surrounding shaven vagina. Shamu only did what comes natural to it – ate the vagina.

Saddest part is – the idiots at Orlando Sea World are going to take Shamu down. They’re gonna declare it unsafe and kill it. Well, duh! Killer Whale unsafe? Who would have thought? How about you release Shamu to its natural environment and spare it from abuse. It’s had more than enough of you, people. Save Shamu. Kill a trainer!

Maximum Exposure video showing previous Shamu attack is below. Guess they didn’t learn:

Photo above shows Dawn Brancheau – the actual trainer who was killed by Shamu the Killer Shale. Photo taken by Orlando Sentinel