Tim Tebow SuperBowl Ad – Anti-Abortion?

Question – are you a miserable, pathetic loser incapable of performing in bed? To find out for sure, ask yourself the following: “Have I watched SuperBowl yesterday?” If you answered yes, then you are without a grain of doubt a miserable, pathetic loser incapable of performing in bed. You likely have flat feet and small penis but drive a large truck to make up for it. SuperBowl is the biggest gathering of human waste on the planet, but that’s not the point. I wanted to talk about the Tim Tebow SuperBowl Ad.

It looks as though the Tim Tebow SuperBowl Ad was meant to serve as an anti-abortion campaign but all it did was make pathetic losers described above go “Wha?” Pam Tebow, mother of Tim Tebow talks about how she kept her son and how she loves him and then Tim Tebow appears and hugs her and tells her he loves her too and it all gets so gay you don’t even know anymore which way the North is. The ad is puzzling and so is this post about it. I stumbled upon the video of it on YouTube and had no idea what it was meant to achieve and it got me confused to a point that I don’t even know what I’m writing.

Peta SuperBowl Commercial = Banned (watch video here)

Peta SuperBowl Commercial = Banned

New Peta SuperBowl Commercial is causing controversy again. I know Peta has long been a rather laughable institution, but their commercials rock. How about giving some asparagus blowjov, giving pumpkin titjob and fucking a little broccoli? That’s what Peta SuperBowl Commercial is all about. Too bad the prudes at NBC put big Banned stamp all over it.

When it comes to SuperBowl, controversy seems to accompany it on every step. Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction is probably the most famous of all. I can’t help but laugh. Surely some controversy is needed – I mean who in their right state of mind would want to watch football? It’s the most boring parade of small penises and oversized body armor ever. Only morons watch that bullshit. And organizers clearly realize that. So they boost it up with a little something here and there.

People for Ethical treatment of Animals tried their share and got Banned. Peta SuperBowl Commercial shows some ugly bitches with fake boobs get all horny looking at vegetables, so they take their clothes on and get raunchy with the greens. There is blurred naked tit somewhere in that video, I think. I don’t know – all I could see were plastic looking Barbie dolls with fake tits. Not that I wouldn’t fuck it, but I fuck vegetables all the time so I was distracted by a sight of yummy asparagus bunch. Reminded me of good times massaging my prostate. And yes – asparagus is much safer than a glass jar (don’t click that link, it’s 18+ and offensive – for you, not me)!

Watch Banned Peta SuperBowl Commercial video below