Kanye West vs Taylor Swift Clash at VMA – Publicity Stunt by David Wirtschafter?

Kanye West vs Taylor Swift Clash at VMA - Publicity Stunt by David Wirtschafter?

Were you one of the many who felt outraged by Kanye West ruining Taylor Swift’s big moment at MTV’s VMA? Has it ever occurred to you that it all could have been one big publicity stunt? What if none of what we have seen was real? What if all that fiasco was a staged, pre-planned production to boost publicity? As it turns out, both Kanye West and Taylor Swift have the same agent. His name is David Wirtschafter. Let’s do some loud thinking and you can do your own math yourself:

What if David Wirtschafter simply realized that most of TV viewers are brainless morans who will eat what they are served and will not only munch with their mouth closed, they will also pick their teeth when they are alone in the washroom. As history proves us, manipulating masses is this easy.

Given the above, what if David Wirtschafter who represents both Kanye West and Taylor Swift, called them both up for the meeting and told them that MTV’s Video Music Awards is a good opportunity to stir controversy? Because controversy gets people talking and the more the people talk, the more the boring musicians such as Kanye West and Taylor Swift remain before public’s eyes and for as long as they are there, the public will spend money on their boring albums.

But how to pull off a publicity stunt that will work and get people talking? Afterall, they have other boring artists like Lady Gaga who’s also a shitty musician (it hurts to give her a title of a musician, but let’s leave it for now) desperate for attention and since her music sucks, she can only do try hard attempts to draw attention to herself.

In order to outdo a bunch of wannabies like Lady GaGa, one would have to come up with an idea for a publicity stunt that will not only shock, but also upset people. And what could possibly achieve both? How about Kanye West stepping in to ruin what people would see as big moment of Taylor Swift? This would definitely get everyone upset, all mainstream media would talk about it and the public would want to see who that poor Taylor Swift is again, since all they hear about from every angle is her and then some more of her.

To keep the momentum going, Kanye West who will also be talked about could go on apologizing to Taylor West ad nauseum until every single moran on the face of a planet has heard of both Kanye West and Taylor Swift and (hopefully) checked out their music while they’re at it.

Could it really be that Taylor Swift was not a victim but we the public are? Could it be that David Wirtschafter truly pulled off a well pre-arranged publicity stunt at MTV’s VMA that delivered and continues to deliver on the momentum? You be the judge. The fact remains that under the heading for “Agent”, both Kanye West and Taylor Swift have the same name – David Wirtschafter.

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Britney Spears MTV Awards Mind-Blowing Opening Speech (video)

Britney Spears MTV Awards Mind-Blowing Opening Speech (video)

Despite Britney Spears Gimme More MTV Awards 2007 Fiasco performance, Brit Brit was invited to bring on the opening speech at 2008 MTV Awards and mind-blowing opening speech it was. Britney Spears got everyone stunned with her touching words. Quoting Brit Brit:

“Thank you so much. Thank you for all the love. I’m here tonight to celebrate a very important birthday, the 25th anniversary of the VMAs. This is the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards and it starts right now.”

Isn’t that the most mind-blowing opening speech you have ever heard in your entire life? Like wow…

Below is the video of that memorable speech, but you either need to fast forward to get to the end or you’d have to be in the mood of watching the opening skit with Jonah Hill, the guy from Superbad. I could not stand that shit, I went right to the end cause that shit was painful. Britney Spears looked cute though.

So I intentionally avoided the whole VMA MTV Awards madness last night and decided to watch online porn again instead. It doesn’t look like I’ve missed much. Britney Spears and her opening speech must have been the highlight any way you spin it. Congrats to the winners though. This was the 25th anniversary of the MTV Awards. Good for them.

The pic of Britney Spears is from the VMA press conference. Video of her MTV Awards opening speech is below.

Britney Spears MTV Awards Image Credit: Splash News.