Prince – Cover of Creep by RadioHead at Coachella (video)

Prince - Cover of Creep by RadioHead at Coachella (video)

This video is center of shit loads of controversy. Prince is a complete loon and should pull his funny head out of his ass. Back on April 26 of this year, Prince performed a cover of RadioHead song Creep at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. You all know Creep right? It’s that classic from Radiohead everybody thinks of as soon as you say Radiohead. Yeah… that’s the one.

Prince has been going loonie suing YouTube, Ebay and Pirate Bay over what he says is illegal use of his music. While general idea is fine, he’s going all bloody murder about it and making himself look like a complete imbecile. His live performance of Creep was recorded by fans at Coachella and video soon popped up on YouTube. Needless to say, he got all pissy and came all boo boo at YouTube so the videos were being removed, leaving a little notice that the video went poof due to copyright violation reported by Prince’s label NPG Records (he founded it in 1993).

The thing is, Creep is NOT his song. Creep is a song by Radiohead and Radiohead, as you may recall, were one of the pioneers of free music downloads over the internet – offering their latest album “In Rainbows” as digital download with optional pricing. NIN are very successful at it and Trent Reznor made $750 000 after allowing free downloads of his new album. Prince seems to be the only one who’s still 20 years backwards and doesn’t get it.

Radiohead came back at Prince telling him to unblock the Creep video because it was shot by fans and the song is theirs, hence he has no right to claim copyright over it. Watch the video below. So far there’ still this copy on YouTube and hasn’t been removed. Watch it if you give rat’s penis. If you were wandering, after all these years, Prince still looks gay.

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Tricia Walsh-Smith Barred from Filming in the Apartment

Tricia Walsh-Smith Barred from Filming in the Apartment

Tricia Walsh-Smith, that stupid gold digger and cry baby and a new born YouTube celebrity has been barred from filming any more videos in the Park Avenue apartment in New York she used to occupy. She is still allowed to keep on ranting, she just can’t do it in the luxury apartment owned by her husband, millionaire Philip Smith.

David Aronson, the lawyer representing Philip Smith said they would stop her from filming her crap if there was a way. Philip Smith is the head of Shubert Organization and is 25 years older than his gold digging wife Tricia Walsh-Smith.

Philip’s reason for divorce is that Tricia was cruel and inhuman to him. That’s a bit weird reason, but after seeing her stupid videos there is no denying that living with her must have been hell. Tricia Walsh-Smith told in her brief meeting with media that her financial straits were dire, because her husband stopped paying her credit cards. There you have it. She pretty much confessed that she’s been milking him throughout those 9 years of marriage. She’s been spending and her husband was paying her credit cards. Now that he stopped, she’s screwed.

In her very first video that was removed from YouTube, Tricia Walsh-Smith had an entire film crew in the apartment and gave an entire video tour of the home. She also showed pictures of Philip’s daughter. Now I understand why the video was removed. What fucking bitch. She’s so after his money, she did not hesitate to violate his privacy to get it. She should get her ass kicked, bitch!


Tricia Walsh-Smith YouTube Celebrity Follow Up Video

Tricia Walsh-Smith, the gold digger and cry baby is back with the follow up video she posted on YouTube. Now that she’s become a YouTube celebrity, she can’t get enough of her cry baby scenes.

In this video, Tricia Walsh-Smith has the nerve to complain about YouTube commenters. Silly goose, this is interweb, don’t post your shit if you don’t want people to say what they think about it. Web 2.0 offers interactivity with one another and so people let themselves heard. Don’t complain because people can see what kind of a gold digger you are.

The best part of the video obviously is when she said that she loved and adored her husband. What pile of shit? You loved and adored his money. That’s why you married a guy from another country who was 25 years older than you, with daughters your age. You’re so full of shit, Tricia Walsh-Smith… it hurts to listen to you.

The part that deserves biggest ovations is when the whore says she’d worked all her life. LOL, give me a break. Is that why you can’t live with the fact that you will not have the financial back up of the man you’re been draining off his money for years? Bitch, instead of bitching and complaining about what you’re gonna do now that you’re evicted, get your act together and find yourself a job. Don’t complain that you’re $100 000 in debt. Get a fucking job and see what it’s like with people who actually have to work hard for their money. You had millions of dollars at your disposal and word work gives you shivers. All you are good at is complaining, bitching and whining. If you worked so much, you would have to have some money saved that you could use to move to another apartment. And you wouldn’t feel so stressed about working, because if you had history of working, you would just resume and do what other people, who were not as lucky to marry a millionaire have to do every day – work hard for their money.

Life changes for everybody. There are millions of people in New York, they get laid off, or fired – but they move on, look for another job, do whatever they can to survive. You Tricia Walsh-Smith got used to milking a rich man and now you’re pissed because his bank account is going to get taken away from you. People have worse problems than you, yet they adapt and move on. If you really worked all your life, then where is the problem in moving on and making your own way through life?

Based on these videos, it is clear that her capacity to argue and make scenes is unsurpassed. I’m not surprised Philip Smith wishes to divorce this bitch and have her evicted. I’ve had enough of her already. And I haven’t even lived with that whore. She’s basically ruined any chance of having another man in her life. No one will ever come close to her after these false scenes. You will reap what you saw.

She’s an attention whore. Why wouldn’t she keep her divorce and eviction issues to herself? Her husband clearly has valid reasons to have her gold digging ass out of her life. So she makes it all public, names names, pulls tarot cards and screams “Shame’ at the camera. This issue was supposed to be between you and your husband. You have used him enough already and now you’re bringing your shit public. I feel sorry for Philip and am not surprised a slight bit why he wants divorce.

If there is justice in this world, Tricia Walsh-Smith will end up in a tent..

Tricia Walsh-Smith = Gold Digger and Cry Baby

Tricia Walsh-Smith is seriously a gold digger extraordinaire and is so full of shit it’s ridiculous. She’s become an internet superstar after posting her video on YouTube.

Tricia Walsh-Smith is (was) married to Philip Smith – a wealthy man from New York who owns theaters on Broadway and $60 worth of real estate. Phillip Smith is 25 years older than Tricia Walsh-Smith and (his daughters are same age as this gold digger) luckily for him, he was a super smart guy when the gold digger came to him craving his money and had her sign a prenap. We’ve all heard stories of bad celebrity divorces where a gold digger gets married to a famous and/or a rich and then makes a fortune on a divorce. Well, luckily for Philip Smith, he had her sign a prenap and got his ass covered. Now he’s looking to get rid of Tricia Walsh-Smith and thanks to the prenap, he may be able to do that without paying her millions of dollars. Tricia Walsh-Smith is all in tears and what is she going to do now that her comfortable life of a millionaire’s wife is about to hit its end. So she recorded this YouTube video to let us know how full of shit she is.

The first time Tricia Walsh-Smith recorded and posted her cry baby video on YouTube, it got over million views within a week, but was removed. She went on and reposted it again, edited out with some extra bullshit. Philip Smith is evicting her gold digging ass from his multi million dollar apartment in New York that Tricia Walsh-Smith used to occupy.

In that video, Tricia Walsh-Smith complains that her husband would never fuck her, yet she found Viagra, porn movies and condoms that her husband was keeping. And she’s upset about it. Hello Misses… Doesn’t this shit ring any bells? Man doesn’t want to have any sex with you, yet obviously he’s well enough to do sex with somebody else or by himself masturbating to porn movies. And now he wants to divorce you. Doesn’t this all add up for you? Woman, you sucked in bed so bad he could not do it with you. He searched for all possible substitutions there are available – other women and porn movies. You were wasting his money, yet you gave him nothing in return. Who would want to spend his fortune on a useless woman like you? Hello…

Tricia Walsh-Smith then goes on to complain that she went to London and wanted to start her life over again, but her husband wouldn’t give her nothing. You silly cow, how about you try a life of a real person who has to work hard to make a living. You had lived a life of a millionaire’s wife who had everything served to her and got all she asked for. Now that you are required to “start your life again” you are not able to do shit? You need your husband’s money to get started again? You are only proving that you’re a gold digger extraordinaire and a person that’s so full of shit, it hurts.

She then goes to call her husband’s office and tries to get her secretary to ask Philip what he wanted her to do with that Viagra, porn movies and condoms, but the whole situation didn’t go too well for her. She’s then trying to do shit with Tarot cards but I don’t think she’s getting far even though she makes herself feel like she is.

I hate gold diggers, especially when they’re combined with cry baby syndromes. I hope she gets nothing out of this whole scene she put together and I entirely cheer for Philip Smith who kept his wits and didn’t let get himself screwed in the ass by a lazy broad who was after his money..

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Jason Beghe’s Full Rant on Scientology

Jason Beghe is an actor best known for his roles in Melrose Place or Chicago Hope. He’s been involved with Scientology since 1994 and has done some big time public promotion for them. He was one of Scientology top PR persons, ranking higher than John Travolta even. The turn came in 2007 when Jason Beghe got fed up wit Scientology and left them for good. In April 2008 the situation escalated as Jason Beghe started to publically criticize the Church of Scientology.

A preview of Jason Beghe’s rant on Scientology was posted on YouTube last week by Xenu TV – an account owned by Mark Bunker who interviewed Jason Beghe – but the video was pulled immediately and YouTube cancelled Xenu TV account. Mark Bunker – a TV journalist and a major Scientology critic got his nick “wise beard man” by the group Anonymous after criticizing them and asking them to tone down their campaign against the Church of Scientology. Mark Bunker founded Xenu TV in 1999.

After YouTube’d deleted everything related to Xenu TV including preview of Mark Bunker’s interview with Jason Beghe, Jason and Xenu TV came back with a page hosted by WordPress and the interview featuring Jason Beghe’s full rant on Scientology can be found there. I’m guessing are going to get a phonecall soon and Xenu TV account will be pulled from there too. If you’re interested in learning more, you better go there as soon as possible.

Xenu TV Website on

You can watch the videos here. They’ve been divided into 8 parts and are hosted by Vimeo and – since Vimeo offer embed codes, it is possible to post their videos on here. That is until such time that they are pulled form there too. We don’t know who we’re messing with… In order to watch Blip hosted videos (part 5, 7 and 8), go to Xenu TV site.


Pop Star Prince suing YouTube, eBay and Pirate Bay


All I have to say about this is – Go Prince. US pop star Prince (you know, the most gayish dude you have ever seen, also known as “smbol” and what not) plans to sue internet giant YouTube, eBay and Pirate Bay over illegal music use. Though it is disputable whether Prince’s music is in fact art, this is not the point of this post. Prince is looking to fight and sue over something that is important. And that makes up for crappy music he makes.

On the other hand, though – Prince is rich as fuck… Why the hell does he care about a few lousy videos of his on YouTube? It’s not like he’s going broke and needs some urgent cash to pay for his fag hookers… Take this into account – in the 80s there were tape recorders so people could freely record any song off of the radio or could duplicate a cassette. Did this ability to gain access of pirated music prevent artists like Prince from gathering an enormous wealth?

But that’s not the point either. Fact of a matter is – it’s his own shit, his music, his crap, if he wants it off the net, he should have the right to have it off the web (he’d be stupid to do that, but whatever). I think he’s only looking for publicity with this, but it’s way too premature a statement at this point of time.

Prince has a very valid point… He’s pissed over YouTube, eBay and Pirate Bay (which is considered one of the major player in movie and music pirateship) that they are clearly able to filter porn and child pornography out of their site pretty much instantly, but seem to choose not to filter out the unauthorized music and film content, because this type of content is what made YouTube such a huge business success.

And that makes sense – because if you demonstrate an active involvement in filtering adult related content and child pornography, as is obvious with YouTube, then that means you are able to take actual responsibility for the content that gets uploaded on the sites. If they are able to filter one type of content, why can’t they filter another?

These websites have it worked out. For the most part they use the universal excuse of having no responsibility over user uploaded content as they serve as a mere service provider, not as a monitoring service that is aimed to police the content.

Pirate Bay is fundamentally wrong so the lawsuit against them would make sense. The past however proves that all previous attempts to shut Pirate Bay down failed, due to a simple reason that Swedish government didn’t want to have anything to do with it. As far as YouTube goes – it’s a fantastic platform for startup bands to virally market their music. If it wasn’t for YouTube, we would have not heard from such artists as Sick Puppies (their song All The Same was used as a background music for the original “Free Hugs” video). Music videos on YouTube have been nothing but free advertising for the artists of all calibers. Why would someone want off the site??? Maybe he’s just getting old and cranky. Damn senile men…

As a conclusion I would like to say one thing – I don’t know if Prince is going to succeed with his actions against internet giants. He surely has the point in what he’s trying to achieve, but take a look at a war on drugs and use it as an example to see the outcome of this. Even if Prince succeeds and any of the websites is shut down, there will be a new one started right away to take its place and the same story, different version will take place again.

PS – I searched for Prince on YouTube and no results came up… But that doesn’t necessarily mean there are no videos of Princes music on there as they could be listed under song titles or maybe under the label’s name – Universal Music Group..