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Welcome to Beer Steak Blog!

Beer Steak Blog is a social experiment. Based on the fact that 99% of blog readers won’t read the “About” section, I am able to manipulate their minds and make them play my game. And what the game is you ask?

As part of my academic research, I monitor on-line behavior of people who are exposed to purposefully negative commentaries that deliberately offer hurtful remarks and opinions. In my commentaries I put myself in the shoes of a grumpy adolescent with no life in real world who is likely overweight and broke and spends his days and nights in his grandma’s basement. Such adolescent behaves as though he’s larger than life, because he’s protected by the vast internet curtain.

Please note that no part of Beer Steak Blog is warranted as complete, accurate or timely. Content in not verified and as such is intended for entertainment purposes only and is strictly provided as a parody. I make a fool of myself so you can enjoy the part of your day in which your eyes have fallen on this website.

For my social experiment to work, I specifically target people who are good looking, successful, rich and famous. I write it from the standpoint of a desperate male who dreams about pussy every day, but is not getting any. In your eyes, I am that fat kid who knows every sick porn site on the net because regular porn is lame. I know where to get free porn because I’m too broke to buy membership on a quality paysite. I live in a basement and because I’ve got no friends, I spend my time pissing on celebrities and various events on Beer Steak Bullshit blog.

Eff you too….

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