Reason to Watch Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 – Pro Skier Mirjam Jaeger

Reason to Watch Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 - Pro Skier Mirjam Jaeger

Let’s face it, not many are really interested in watching the Winter Olympics. When it comes to Olympics, it is the Summer Olympics who people care about. And as the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Opening was just held today maybe it is just right to give you guys one reason to watch. None other than Swiss Pro Skier Mirjam Jaeger who is pictured in the buff with nothing but that come-hither look and black stockings. She isn’t afraid to give it all not just in the ice but even in front of the camera.

Ana Ivanovic – Tennis Pin-Up Girl

Ana Ivanovic - Tennis Pin-Up Girl

Who cares if she had only one Grandslam title? Who cares if she gone from ranking No. 1 to No. 22 in just 1 1/2 year? Who cares if her career has been a disappointment after receiving such hype back when she won the French Open, her only Grandslam back in 2008? Who cares if she changes boyfriends so fast it gives you a whiplash?

No one really.

Ana Ivanovic, the 26 year old raven-haired Serbian, remains as one of the most popular and well liked female tennis player amidst all the career disappointments. You can thank her cute voice and even cuter face and slamming body! And yes, most her fans are of the male variety, or Serbian, but I doubt she loses sleep from that.

Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup Logo Looks Like Facepalm

Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup Logo Looks Like Facepalm

Brazil – single most dangerous country in the world is set to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It’s going to be a blood bath. To see the true face of Brazil, one must take a look at reality websites. Mainstream media provide skewed perception of this murderous nation so to see the truth, go to a gore site and search for Brazil.

It’s not surprising that the logo accompanying the Brazil’s FIFA World Cup looks like facepalm. Obviously, FIFA people were as clueless about real Brazil and how violent and dangerous it is as your average jock. Unaware of real dangers, they approved the world cup in that cut throat country and now the world is set to watch the blood flow. Facepalm in the logo of the world cup is a sign of things to come.

Daniel Morad Shoelace Victory Lap Fail at 2010 DD2 Rotax Go Cart World Championship

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what are grown-ups doing riding go carts, but apparently not only do they ride them, they have go cart riding championships. One of them – 2010 DD2 Rotax Go Cart World Championship was a setting for an amazing victory lap fail whereas the winner – Daniel Morad saw his shoelace caught in a front wheel sending him off the track and taking another go cart with him.

Perhaps that will teach Daniel Morad to wear shoes with laces when engaging in something as serious as Go Cart racing. F1 drivers know that you should only use shoes with zippers if you’re going to do some serious riding, but then again, go carts are for fun, right? Check out the video of this hilarious victory lap fail above.

Mirko Vucinic Celebrates Goal Against Switzerland with Shorts Off

Mirko Vucinic, captain of Montenegro scored the only game in Euro 2012 qualifying match versus Switzerland and got so ecstatic about it, he instantly took his shorts off to celebrate it.

Mirko Vucinic’s memorable goal propelled Montenegro to the top spot of Group G so the reason for excessive shorts-off celebration was well deserved. Chief Referee awarded Mirko Vucinic a yellow card for his bizarre extravaganza, though. Check out the video of this awesomeness above.

Brett Favre Hit in the Nuts with a Football

Brett Favre Hit in the Nuts with a Football

Obviously, I’m using the term “football” loosely as that’s not what this oddly shaped ball is. It’s a hangegg which is what this ridiculous sport should also be called. Or if you don’t want to get all creative and shite, then just call it “boring”.

In the video below we see the character associated with handegg by the name of Brett Favre. It’s a video from some pre-game practise in which the handegg comes flying towards Brett Favre and hits him square in the nuts. This would be not so interesting a video if it weren’t for an incident from earlier this year, in which Brett Favre made the news for sexting the photo of his nut sack to Jenn Sterger – some truly nasty looking ho with fake tits who gained faux internet notoriety for being a Florida State Cowgirl.

Jenn Sterger later joined New York Jets (I almost left the originally typed Jest, cause surely they must be joking for playing this joke game) where Brett Favre played as a quarterback. That’s when the incident with testicule sexting occurred. Many claim that the nut shot Brett Favre took during the practise is a karma coming back at him for sexting his nuts to Jenn Sterger, but let’s be real… a fake titted ho who spends time promenading herself at football games doesn’t know any better. She probably has a lower back tattoo which every stupid handegg player already jizzed on.

James Wisniewski Makes Blow Me Gesture at Sean Avery

James Wisniewski Makes Blow Me Gesture at Sean Avery

National Hockey League (NHL) player James Wisniewski got into brief altercation with Sean Avery during the first period of the New York Islanders vs New York Rangers game in front of the Islanders’ net. Referee promptly stepped in to separate the two to which James Wisniewski, who’s a New York Islanders defenseman responded with an obscene gesture at Sean Avery, mimicking the “blow me” movement.

Big men at NHL handed James Wisniewski a two game suspension for his gesture at Sean Avery. Islanders ended up winning the game 6:4 after which James Wisniewski made a statement that he didn’t remember making such gesture. You can see what the gesture looked like in the video below:

Prince Charles Dancing with Villagers in Tolasar, India (photo)

Prince Charles Dancing with Villagers in Tolasar, India (photo)

Prince Charles of Great Britain is in India attending the Commonwealth Games. Through his busy schedule, Britain’s heir to the throne was able to find a moment to visit the villagers and was even photographed dancing with them. Cool on Prince Charles.

Photo from Tolasar village near Jodhpur in India’s state of Rajasthan was photographed on October 5, 2010 by Sunil Verma for Reuters.

Crazy Canadian Curling Fans at Vancouver Olympic Games 2010

Crazy Canadian Curling Fans at Vancouver Olympic Games 2010

Hellz yeah! Go Canada! Canadian fans are like an extra player that Canadian sport teams get. We are the pride and the driving force behind this great country. Vancouver 2010 for the win. And if you think Curling is a boring game, just look at the pic of Crazy Canadian Curling Fans to see how much we rock and love our country. We cheer for our boys and girls no matter what. We are team Canada. Highest medal count or not, we always come out on top.

And while speaking of awesome Canadian Curling Fans, let’s take our national pride a whole step further and watch the video by a Canadian rapped called Classified. From the Greatest of Lakes, to the greenest of greens, to the Rockiest mountains, and everything in between… “Georges St. Pierre, right here is where he calls home” – that’s Canadian pride right there. Oh Canada!