Tracy Morgan Critical After Crash

Tracy Morgan Critical After Crash

Actor Tracy Morgan was rushed and in is in critical stage after he was involved in a serious six-car accident on the New Jersey this morning.

Tracy was riding a limousine when a tractor trailer rear-ended his vehicle at around 1 AM. He was coming back from a gig at the Dover Downs Hotel & Casino in Dover, Delaware.

We wish him well.

Shania Twain: This is so Awkward

Shania Twain This is so Awkward

Seriously, can anyone figure out what country superstar Shaina Twain is wearing and why she is belting out in this position? Is her stage costume a failed avant-garde attempt? Perhaps her own version of a Christmas tree with the Christmas lights being the black beads on a string that is wrapped around her? Does she have a tummy ache and is in a rush to go to the bathroom?

Jennifer Lopez To Dump Boytoy For Sexting Transexuals?

Jennifer Lopez To Dump Boytoy For Sexting Transexuals

Is Jennifer Lopez ready to dump boytoy Casper Smart after finding out that he has been sexting transexual models behind her back?

Transgender bikini model Sofie Vissa tried to sell the story that narrates how she had shared intimate Instagram messages with Casper Smart. And if sources are to be believed Jenny from the Block is fed up of this drama and is ready to move on.

Georgia Salpa in Lingerie

Georgia Salpa in Lingerie

Wearing a very sexy white lingerie as she kneels in the bed is 29 years old model and former Celebrity Big Brother UK contestant, Georgia Salpa.

Salpa had also appeared in other various TV programs such as The Podge and Rodge Show, Republic of Telly, Celebrity Salon, and Catwalk to Kilimanjaro. She also was the Cover Girl for FHM’s 2013 “100 sexiest women” publication.

Sarah Michelle Gellar from Vampires to Tennis Courts

Sarah Michelle Gellar from Vampires to Tennis Courts

She doesn’t seem to have aged since her Buffy the Vampire Slayer days. Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar looks like a pin-up girl as she poses in a tennis court in an all white short and sexy tennis kit which shows a lot of her thighs and legs. It was partnered with a pair of white pumps and pig-tailed hairstyle which gives her a virginal sexy look.

Sure, it’s weird that a 36 year old woman will pose like this but she’s able to pull it and looks hot in this picture and that really is all that matters?

Happy Valentines From Anais Pouliot

Happy Valentines From Anais Pouliot

No date for Valentines? Feeling blue and bitter?

We have something to cheer you up! Posing in nothing but those cute red panties with heart prints and a HUGE lips to cover her chest is sexy French Canadian model Anais Pouliot.

Happy Valentines everyone!

Even After They Broke Up, Justin Bieber Still Haunts Selena Gomez

Even After They Broke Up, Justin Bieber Still Haunts Selena Gomez

Where has all that bubbly and glamorous Selena Gomez gone? Apparently, it isn’t only his career and life that Justin Bieber is pulling down, so is her ex-girlfriend’s.

Selena had recently confirmed that she went in the Dawn at The Meadows rehab program in Arizona for two weeks to deal with her emotional problems. Really do these rehab works? How could you be “cured” in just two weeks?

Anyway, it is rumored that the Biebs caused her meltdown and paved the way for rehab. But as if it isn’t enough, just days after she got out and on her first public outing since rehab, paparazzi had cornered her and continuously throw Bieber questions and name at her.

Geez, even after their break-up this girl just can’t escape her most horrible decision she ever done, dating Justin Bieber.

Lena Headey is One Hell of a MILF

Lena Headey is One Hell of a MILF

Is there anyone who could pull being 40 as well as mother of 1 and Game of Thrones (GoT) Actress, Lena Headey?

Barely any make-up, curly thick long hair, wearing jeans and a simple and THANK God! A white tank top that is just the right sheer that traces her jutting nipples.

Lena Headey without a doubt is a MILF. A very hot one!

Emily Ratajkowski – Blurred Lines Girl to Venture to the Silver Screen

Emily Ratajkowski - Blurred Lines Girl to Venture to the Silver Screen

Recognize her? She’s 22 year old American model, soon to be actress Emily Ratajkowski. Posing topless in this picture for GQ magazine, Emily became famous or infamous for starring in Robin Thicke’s hit “Blurred Lines” controversial music video.

And soon, you won’t only get to see her play the “good girl” and “the hottest b*tch in this place.” You will also get to see her opposite Ben Affleck in the movie adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s contemporary thriller “Gone Girl.”

Well seems like this girl’s line isn’t blurred anymore.

Adriana Cernanova- Face of Wonderbra

Adriana Cernanova- Face of Wonder Bra

She is the face and body of Wonder Bra. 22 year old model Adriana Cernanova was discovered at the very young age of 14 and had modeled and appeared in various magazines and ads. She is most known however for landing the coveted job of being the face of Wonder Bra. And is there any wonder why? She looks stunning wearing the black strapless push-up Wonder Bra and matching black boy-short cut panties.