Danceparty with Sean Stephenson

Anytime you’re feeling blue or just seem to feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, come back to this video and have yourself a good time with Sean Stephenson and his Danceparty. Life is meant to be enjoyable and despite his disabilities, Sean Stephenson has precisely that frame of mind and not only that – he has an aura that he radiates around him so much, you can feel it by just watching his Danceparty video.

I believe all the hoards of emo teenagers who believe their life is messed up and they have all the reasons to be sad and depressed need to particularly watch this video and learn from Sean Stephenson. Those whiners likely have limbs that don’t suffer from any disability yet they still whine. Put off your false pretence of sadness and learn from this man that no matter your circumstance, there always is a good reason to cheer up and enjoy life to the fullest.

I have but one last word to say to Sean Stephenson: Respect. Mad respect, Sean and much props to you.

For those who don’t know – Sean Stephenson suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta. To put it in his own words:

By the time I was 18 years old I had fractured over 200 times. Something as simple as sneezing would break a collar bone.

Sean Stephenson graduated college with honors and is a motivational speaker in high demand.

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I’m on a Boat Death Metal Cover by Goatmill Feat. Evil Genius

The best song of the decade, also known as I’m on a Boat by Lonely Island featuring T-Pain has become so popular it’s been covered by a death metal band. Awesome. There’s nothing like quality deep shriek with heavy guitars. The “I’m on a Boat Death Metal Cover” was put together by guys from Columbus, Ohio who call themselves Goatmill. Face painted Evil Genius does T-Pain’s autotuner faggotry which I’m not sure I’m entirely fond of. I otherwise like the cover, but they should have brutalized the autotuner too. The flippy floppies make up for it though.

8 Year Old Laura Fontana Does Lady GaGa on Brazilian TV Talent Show

8 Year Old Laura Fontana Does Lady GaGa on Brazilian TV Talent Show

Meet 8 year old Laura Fontana from Brazil (also called Laura Montana – I don’t know which one is right). There is no knowing what Laura Fontana would like to become one day but one thing is for sure – she’s already got some good role models to follow – Lady GaGa. To take advantage of her age, mother of Laura Fontana put black lipstick on her daughter and threw her on stage of a Brazilian TV Talent Show without pants to sing songs and strike slutty moves of Lady GaGa. I’ve never heard any Lady GaGa’s song but is this what her music sounds like? Cause that would explain her try hard extravagant fashion attempts. She’s got to do something to draw attention to herself cause her music won’t. It’s not like Marilyn Manson – he also liked to draw attention onto himself by being extravagant and shocking, but his music kicked ass. Lady GaGa – if that’s your music… well, I’ll just shut up for now.

If you live anywhere in North America and decide to watch the video of said 8 Year Old Laura Fontana doing Lady GaGa on Brazilian TV Talent Show, you best make sure you have a powerful on line behavior traces eliminator. You wouldn’t want Chris Hansen walking into your room, asking you to take a seat over there. Santa of Brazilian Hill Tribe can afford to hug and kiss her, because they have no law or order in Brazil, but don’t even think about going that far in North America.

I’m pretty positive Lady GaGa will jump on the opportunity and board the next plane to Brazil to meet with Laura Fontana. Her music sucks so she must do something that will draw attention and coming to meet an 8 year old who chose that piece of trash for her idol sounds like a solid idea. All pedo bears aside, this is some serious PR. I could be a public relations manager of any star. I’d know what to do to get them media talking. Meantimely, can someone unslut Laura Fontana? She’s only 8 year old for Christ The Redeamer’s sake! Video of all that fuckery involving 8 Year Old Laura Fontana doing Lady GaGa on Brazilian TV Talent Show is below:

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Wilbur Sargunaraj – Love Marriage Music Video

Wilbur Sargunaraj - Love Marriage Music Video

Just as you thought the music industry was dwindling and nothing worthy of your time was being released, a dude by the name of Wilbur Sargunaraj enters the scene and wipes off the competition as soon as the first words run through autotuner start off the song. Love Marriage is a true masterpiece of the music industry and the video that accompanies it is the work of sheer genius.

If you are an unlucky owner of a Dell computer, you probably already know Mr. Wilbur Sargunaraj. You may never have met him, but if you have ever called Dell customer support, you would have dealt with that exact Indian accent.

While Love Marriage is without doubt a gem and Wilbur Sargunaraj is the king of dance pop music, I can’t help but notice that the less talented you are, the more popularity you gain across the interweb. Real artists are called fakes while beauty contest winners like Maxine Swaby or intense singers like Mark Gormley get unlimited exposure. Damn, internet rocks.

Wilbur Sargunaraj Love Marriage Music Video is below. Prepare to be awe-struck:

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Awesome Video by Final Placement

You can’t do anything more for your video as a YouTube uploader, than naming it “Awesome Video“. Especially if that’s the only accompanying text that comes with it anywhere – in title, in description, in tags. It took someone like Christian rock group from Midland, Texas called Final Placement to pull that off. Their song Shine is done to a spine shattering “Awesome Video”.

Thanks to their Awesome Video, Final Placement are on their way to making it big. If you’re struggling to make it on YouTube and would like to see your views go into tens of thousands within a day instead of staying in hundreds after months, learn from the Awesome Video put together by Final Placement. Angle shots such as the one at a 1.10 mark are essential. Making a phone call by an ATM machine – can’t go wrong, but most of all… short footage of a passing train. There is no such thing as “Awesome Video” without footage of trains. And if you’re a solo guitar player, don’t forget to prance around like the guy on the right at a 2.58 mark. Combined with angled camera, that’s a professional shot.

Seriously, can someone from Texas confirm whether Final Placement are for real or just pulling some form of funny prank at everyone? This video is too awesome not to have been done in jest. The music itself is like honey to my ears. What an Awesome Video.

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Die Antwoord Interview – Fake or Not?

Die Antwoord Interview - Fake or Not?

Haters of Die Antwoord are popping all over the interweb with countless claims that Die Antwoord is Fake. All I have to say to that is: “Oh, really?” Take a look around, take a look at contemporary music scene. Take a look at the likes of Lady Gaga, Jessica Simpson, Miley Cyrus or other imbeciles. The entire world of entertainment is fake. Pretending you are somebody else to make it big is nothing new. It’s been here ever since entertainment industry came to exist and will be here for as long as there is money in it. Is Die Antwoord fake or not? Who cares. The music is real, the next generation beats are real, their live concerts are real, Yo-Landi Vi$$er is damn effin real and I’d hit that. Most of all – their South African accent is real. What’s there to call fake still?

I can quite imagine that they play these simpletons making it part of their act and basing their “fake” philosophy on it, but I could care less. Their music rocks and delivers. Do they exaggerate in the interviews? Perhaps and who cares. So do all other performers who stick with what matches their style. Make sure you keep your eyes locked on Ninja’s ballsack. You’ll get enough of it throughout this interview. It’s pretty “self spoken”.

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We Are The World – 25th Anniversary Song for Haiti

The abomination above is what we were waiting for. This is the new “We Are The World” song, the re-edition of famous tune composed by Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie. Quinsy Jones wanted to take advantage of the fact that there were many famous (or not so famous anymore) artists and performers in town due to the Music Awards, filed them up in the same room where the original We Are The World was recorded (former A&M Recording Studios now called Henson Recording Studios) and together with this group of more than 80 performers, the abomination known as We Are The World 25 for Haiti was born. Directed by the Academy Award winning director and writer Paul Haggis, the new We Are The World song is a big pile of bullshit.

People of Haiti do NOT appreciate, nor respect anything, except from free money. With no respect for society, human life, or nature, they enjoy portraying themselves as poor because for as long as they look poor, free money will keep coming in. With donations accounting for 40% of Haiti’s GDP, you know that those people never have, nor ever will try to contribute to society. Afterall, what sense does it make to roll up the sleeves and start making the world a better place? Work requires working – bending over, shoveling, carrying, thinking… Who has time for that when it’s easier to simply look poor, whine all the time and the money will come out of nothing? If Haitians were to actually roll up their sleeves and start working to rebuild their country and get their economy moving, they might achieve results and become a stable country but what would happen then? The donations would stop or drop. Because if you are an economically stable and successful country, why would people send you donations? So instead, Haiti chooses to roll those sleeves down so as not to jeopardize free income that they are getting for nothing and continue looking poor and whining. Work is tiresome, free money is fun. And if all it takes to get free money is to not work and whine, than that’s what they will continue doing and they’re doing a damn fine job at it.

It says somewhere in the Bible that providing a man with fish fixes them up for a day, but teaching them how to fish provides them for life (I don’t know how exactly it is said, but the memo is there – don’t quote me on that). In case of Haiti, they have twisted this saying because while they could learn how to fish, they would have to get in the boat every day and put time and effort into fishing on continuous basis. But lazy bastards can’t be bothered doing that. Instead they refuse to learn how to fish and choose to whine to make sure they continue getting free fish instead. That’s how Haiti operates and that’s why every single cent you donate to Haiti is a cent wasted. Don’t be a stupid dumb ass and don’t donate a cent to people who have no intentions to use it for anything that would make the world a better place. Donate to your local communities or groups. Donate where the money will be used to contribute to betterment of society and where your donations will be appreciated. This is not the case of Haiti. By donating to Haiti you are directly contributing to maintaining this piece of land a shithole. You want to help Haiti? Freeze all incoming funds. Make them actually work to deserve support. Or better yet, make them work to fix corruption and environment abuse so they can start rebuilding the economy on their own. They have all they need, they are just a bunch of lazy f%$ks who can’t be bothered, because free money comes for nothing for as long a they look poor and whine. Does it really make sense to you that countries where people work hard and try really hard to get out of the hole hardly get any donations, but countries that can’t be bothered to even throw garbage in a bin and just shit in the sea and pollute the environment cause they have nothing to do whole day, get millions of dollars to support their lazy ways?

But let’s get back to the abomination titled We Are The World 25 for Haiti. What kind of crap is that? The only positive thing about this 25th anniversary remake is presence of Michael Jackson. I’m glad they were able to fit him in, but what kind of painful verbal diarrhea is that rap towards the end? Poor Michael Jackson must be twitching in his grave if he’s truly dead. The We Are The World 25 for Haiti is the most horrible piece of musical poop released in decades. The feeling of shallowness and fakeness radiates from the song from first second to last and that’s supposed to brainwash people to donate to worthless purpose of supporting Haiti’s efforts of being the laziest nation in the world? And how did they manage to collect dozens of talent-lacking performers and fit them all in the same room to spew this crap? To make matters even worse, at one point in the song, the singer uses that Vocoder electronic voice reverb (or whatever you want to call it) which turns already gay song into a complete vomit.

Overall, the We Are The World 25 for Haiti song fails beyond hard. It’s a terrible remake that puts a big shame mark on the original. Again, the only positive thing about the entire song is the presence of Michael Jackson. I’m glad they were able to mix him in but everything else about the song stinks. It’s horrible, fake and shallow. Please make it stop!

Die Antwoord Jamming in a Taxi

Die Antwoord is the poop these days. Accent is a big win in their case. It almost seems that if you speak with an accent that has not been used in rap music yet, you have all it takes to make it. Die Antwoord certainly have that advantage with their funny South African accents, but they’re also really cool and bring up valid points in their songs. It’s as if a bunch of drug junkies got together and made it big. I dig Die Antwoord, they totally deliver.

The video above is a bit not safe for work. It contains explicit language and partially exposed woman’s buttocks when awesome Yo-Landi Vi$$er pokes her ass towards the camera like she’s some skanky booty girl, shakes those cheeks a bit and then pulls down her pants and underwear to reveal that tasty ass crack she’s sporting. So hot. Die Antwoord are going to be a massively huge success worldwide. They don’t pretend to be anyone they are not. They are as genuine as they get and Ninja has serious talent.

I believe you have already seen and wetted your pants to Beat Boy freestyle rap and Enter the Ninja. Now go and check out the Jamming in a taxi video above. Not for the squeamish and weak of mind.

Die Antwoord – Enter the Ninja Video and Lyrics

Die Antwoord - Enter the Ninja Video and Lyrics

I have to talk some more about the awesomeness from South Africa – Die Antwoord. These guys totally caught on me and I can’t seem to get enough of their funny accents and well executed cyber rave rap music. Die Antwoord – Enter the Ninja is by far my favorite song by the South Africans and I particularly appreciate the intermezzo at 4.04 mark.

That little, perky, funny haircut sporting blonde who goes by the name of Yo-Landi Vi$$er is cute in the video too. She also sounds cute which is hardly ever the case with female singers. They usually sound irritating (Beyonce, for example) making you want to stab drunken squirrels in the eye. Yo-Landi Vi$$er is nothing like that. Listening to her voice makes you want to apply warm massage oil to your testicules.

Ninja, the man himself with his awesome box cut hair and awkward tattoos is the soul of Die Antwoord, making Die Antwoord what it really is. Then there is previously introduced DJ Hi-Tek who has the skill to make “next level” beats on a PC computer. Damn, Die Antwoord are the new shit.

Enter the Ninja video is below and the lyrics below the video. Please note that while most of the lyrics are in English, some of the lyrics are in Dutch/Afrikaan:

[Yo-Landi Visser]

I, I, I
I am your butterfly
I need your protection
Be my samurai
I, I, I
I am your butterfly
I need your protection
Need your protection

I’m a ninja, yo
My life is like a videogame
I maintain when I’m in the zone
One player one life on the mic
I’m in the dark

Go, ninja, go!

No f**kin around I’m cutting down
Anyone in my path
Tryna f**k up my game with razor sharp
Lyrical throw stars
Killin’ my flow

Hos! Ska!
Wild, outta control

Ninja skop befokte rof taal
Rough rhymes, tough times
Met fokkol kos, skraal
Till I hit triple seven at the ATM
Straight famine or feast,
When you’re living on the razor edge
Stay sharp, sharp
Rolling with the $O$
High energy
Never seen zef so fresh
Uh, when we mic check
Hi-Def flow’s flex
Yo we optimistic
Not f**king depressed
We not like the rest
My style is UFO
Totally unknown
You can’t f**k with my new Zef flow
I’m hard to miss
“You can’t do this, you can’t do that”
Yo, f**kin’ who said so?
I do what I like
Too hot to handle, too cold to hold
You can’t f**k with the chosen one
I-I-I-I-I want the knife
I’m a Ninja

[Yo-Landi Visser]

I, I, I
I am your butterfly
I need your protection
Be my samurai
I, I, I
I am your butterfly
I need your protection
Need your protection

Ninja is poes cool
But don’t f**k with my game
Boy or I’ll poes you
Life is tough
When I get stuck
When my time is up
I push through
Till I break-break-break
on through to the other side
Fantastically poor with patience like a stalker

Ninja is hardcore
Been cut so deep, feel no pain
Its not sore
Don’t ask for kak or
You’ll get what you ask for
I’m like a wild animal in the corner
Waiting for the break of dawn
Trying to get through the night
Just a man with the will to survive
My blade swing free
Decapitate a hater with amazing ease
This is not a game, boy
Don’t play with me
I work my mic sabre like a wild f**king savage
from the dark side danger
Yin to the yang
Totally Hi-Tek Ninja’s
Motherf**king big in Japan
I seen the future, but I never got nothing in my hand
Except a microphone, big dreams and a plan
Fly-talking, sky-walking
Like a ninja

[Yo-Landi Visser]

I, I, I
I am your butterfly
I need your protection
Be my samurai
I, I, I
I am your butterfly
I need your protection
Need your protection


f**k, this is like
The coolest song I ever heard in my whole life
f**k all of you who said I wouldn’t make it
Who said I was a loser
Said I was a no-one
Said I was a f**kin’ psycho
But look at me now:
All up on the interweb
World-wide, 2009. Futurista
Enter the Ninja
Yolandi Visser
DJ Hi-Tek
Die fokken Antwoord
Dis Mooi ne?

[Yo-Landi Visser]

I, I, I (I’m a ninja)
I am your butterfly
I need your protection
Be my samurai
I, I, I (Yo I’m a ninja!)
I am your butterfly
I need your protection
Need your protection

I, I, I (I’m a ninja)
I am your butterfly
I need your protection
Need my samurai
I, I, I (a motherf**kin’ ninja!)
I am your butterfly
I need your protection
Need your protection

Sorry about censorship on swear words, but Die Antwoord lyrics are full of the f word. My server would bitch slap me if I bombed it with that much f word. Awesome lyrics 😉

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Die Antwoord Lyrics and Beat Boy Music Video

Die Antwoord

If you haven’t heard of Die Antwoord you need to climb out of your cave cause they’re the next big thing. Die Antwoord are a South African rap group pushing new rap style known as Zef. Without further ado I’ma let you enjoy the Beat Boy music video and to keep you up, the lyrics for the full song are also included below (video does not have full song, just a part of it mixed with some funny interview:

Beat Boy
Yo Dj Hi-Tek
Drop The Motherfuckin Beat Box Dog
Bring That Next-Level Shit
Uh, Yo, For Real
That’s What I’m Talking About
Check It Out

Totally Psychic, Open Your Mind Quick As The Vibe Kicks
Moederfok It, I Skeem This Vibe’s Rou
Jislaaik Yo
Yo Yo Yo Yo Check Out This Hype Flow
I Go By The Name Of
N-I-N-J To The Motherfuckin A
Straining Your Brain Like Tv Static
Check Out The Phunky 3D Grafix
Rave Visuals, Enter My Digital Zone
As I Recite A Poem On The Microphone
I’m Scoping, 3Rd Eye Strobing, Mind Open, Sweat Streaming
Flesh Gleaming, Best Feeling, High-Energy Peaking, Deep Meanings
Freak When I See Things, Like This Chick In A G-String
Can I Touch You Friend?

Beat Boy, Beat Boy
Hit That Perfect Beat Boy
Hit That Perfect, Hit That Perfect
Hit That Perfect Beat Boy

Pump It Uh!, Yo Pump It Uh Uh!
Yo Pump It Uh!
Lick It, Dip It, Twist It, Turn It,
Pump It Uh!, Yo Pump It Uh Uh!
Lick It, Dip It, Twist It, Turn It, Stick It, Dunk It
P-P-P-P-Pump It!

I Think About You When I Masturbate
You Can’t Even Believe It But That’s Ok
On The Microphone I Fascinate
When I Let My 3Rd Eye Exaggerate
Freaky Visions, I Tell You What I See
Cold Concrete Scattered With Dry Leaves
You Naked Lying On The Pavement
People Are Standing Round With Laany Shoes
You Can Hardly Move, You Look Sexy
All Of A Sudden, The Streets Are Empty
You Stand Up, Open Your Eye-Lids
You In A Trench Coat, It’s French, You Look Stylish
You Walk In The Silence, Not Sure What The Time Is
It’s Totally Twilight, The Sky Is Violet
An Abandoned House, Look Ahead You See
Some Open The Door, Yes It’s Me
With The Meanest Penis You Ever Seen
You On Your Period, With No Tampon
You Kneel Down And Get With The Vibe
Your Period Blood Has Crystalized
You Offer Me The Red Crystal, It’s Ill
Grab Hold Of The Mic Tight, Tonight’s The Night
The Vibe Is Live, Pump Up The Base
I Got Tentacles Coming Out My Face
I Rise Into The Air Cut Myself Open
Warm Blood Pours Down All Round
I Speak From The Deep Cut In Between My Thighs
You Covered In Blood Rubbing Your Boobs, Feeling Nice


You Open The Door Step Into The Place
Look Around, Strange Painting On The Walls
A Chick On The Floor On All Fours, Totally Nude
In High Heels, The Vibes Ill
She’s Hand-Cuffed, Ankle Cuffed, Steel Collar
With A Long Lease Attached To The Ceiling
The Scene’s Appealing, Revealing Weird Feelings
Make You Forget About What You Believing
Another Chick Chilling Against The Wall
Flashing Her Boobs, Legs Spread With A Nice Vagina
And A Long Stick, There’s A Nice Big
Painting Above Her Head, Expensive!
You Check Another Chick On All Fours
Chilling Next To Another Chick Lying On The Floor
Legs Spread In The Middle Of The Corridor
Close Shave, Don’t Touch What You Can’t Afford
The Next-Room’s A Bed Room, You Become Two
What I Mean Is: You Plus Another You
You Get Down With Yourself While I Watch
Body Buzzing Like A Bed Of A Billion Bees
You Kneel Down In Front Of The Other You
Time To Learn Something New
The One Kneeling Is A Slave
Kneel For The Master
Feel The Warm Hand On The Back Of Your Head
You Got A Tattoo On The Back Of Your Neck
An Infinity Sign That Represents Your Past
Your Master Touches You On Your Tattoo
And Removes Your Tattoo, Now You Brand New
I’m Proud Of You Dear
There’s Nothing You Not Allowed To Do Here
Listen To Me, The Infinity Tattoo Is A Key
Let Go To My Rhyme And Open Your Mind


Lift Up Your Dress, Open Up Your Legs
Your Vaginas Sewn Up, Untie The Thread
My Sublime Rhyme Inside Your Head
Your Mind Is Rushing, Vagina Gushing
Another Chick In The Corner Taking A Piss
It Looks Nice, The Whole Vibe Is Totally Kinky
Look Around, The New Room Is Fancy
Remove Your Fur Coat, Remove Your Panties
I’m Rocking A Suit And A Black Face Mask
I Ejaculate In Champaign Glass
Your Precious Flesh Is So Mysterious
Pierce Your Nipples With Two Long Needles
Like A Crucifix, Take You To Another Level
While I Get My Freak On, The Vibe Is Mental
Transcendental, We Somewhere Else Now
Still Rocking A Mask, But I’ve Taken Off My Suit
You Rocking A Mask Too, Shaking Your Nice Boobs
I Tell You I Like You, You Feel My Piel
We Start French Kissing With Flippin Long Tongues
We Somewhere Else Now, You Dressed Conservative
I Transform Into A Big Black God
Feel The Realness, My Dick’s Lank Hard
You Can’t Belive It, A Dick In Your Palm
As Big As Your Arm, We Somewhere Else Now
A Hospital Uh! Get Ready For The Operation
Lot Of Guys Chilling Behind You, Blasts From The Past
All Rocking A Mask, Penises Out
Drop Your Panties For The Surgeon
“I’m Not A Virgin” It’s Not A Problem
Look In The Mirror, You Can See It’s You
You Got Two Nice Boobs And A Penis Too


The Men In The Masks Gather Round The Patient
Waiting In Anticipation
The Old Surgeon Says “Can You See This?”
“A Beautiful Woman With A Brand New Penis!”
You Klap The Surgeon, Flip Him Right Round
Bend Him Over, Lift His White Gown
Gryp The Surgeon’s Milky Butt-Cheeks
Rape The Surgeon, Break The Surgeon
Absorb You Penis Into Your Tummy
You A Woman Again, Complete With A Vagina
I’m Flipping My Rhyme Uh!
Tripping Your Mind Out
Ripping And Vipping Your Pip
Flip It Inside-Out
Now You The Teacher, You The Guide
The Real You Won’t See You Denied
You Got Crazy Sex Appeal, All Tied Up
Kneeling On The Pavement, You Can’t Say Shit
Your Mouth Is Gagged, You Surrounded By
A Thousand Guys Totally Under Your Spell
They All Totally Scared Of The Power You Hold
You Can Changed The Rules Of The Game And Devour Their Souls
Now’s The Time Girl
Let’s Head Back Into The Outside World
The World Of Others, It’s Time To Go Back
The Doors Are Stuck Shut But The Walls Are Beginning To Crack
Uh! Now The Walls Are Bleeding
It’s All Deceiving, You Soaking Wet
With No Regrets, Feel Your Body Sweat Blood
Peel Off Your Old Skin, Time To Get Love

You Arrive At The Cemetery In Time For The Ceremony
I Give You A Hot Kiss, Grab Hold Of Your Arse Cheeks
How’d You Like To Get Laid On This
Tomb Stone In The Middle Of The Rain Forest
My Gaze Puts You In A Dase, I’m Loving Your Long Tongue
Look At Your Beautiful Face, Covered In Hot Come
Spread My Wings Block Out The Sun
Lie On My Back, Scope Out Your Bum
My Penis Stays Hard, You Breathing Heavily
I Penetrate You, The Feelings Heavenly
Now Bounce Girl, You Know It’s Hot
Bounce, Bounce Girl Like, Oh My God!
Totally Freaky Deaky Phunky
Wad:E Make You Leave Your Body
Transport You To Another Dimension
You Alone In The Desert, Totally Nude
The Silence Is Violent
You Floating Above The Ground
Invisible Energies Penetrate
Every Hole In Your Body While You Levitate
You Start Coming Apart, Shape-Shifting
Wild, Out Of Control