Tracy Morgan Critical After Crash

Tracy Morgan Critical After Crash

Actor Tracy Morgan was rushed and in is in critical stage after he was involved in a serious six-car accident on the New Jersey this morning.

Tracy was riding a limousine when a tractor trailer rear-ended his vehicle at around 1 AM. He was coming back from a gig at the Dover Downs Hotel & Casino in Dover, Delaware.

We wish him well.

Warriors of Goja at The Ultimate Talent Show India

The most interesting part of this video is the female judge. Her mouth is so big she could blow four dicks at once and they’d still feel like they’re fucking a bucket of water. The video is from a show in India called The Ultimate Talent Show. And the group of boys who call themselves Warrior of Goja delivered. Their act is off to a slow start but picks up soon after. Too bad Indian TV editor keeps adding useless sound effects to the video and too much slow motion. Otherwise the Warriors of Goja showed how tough they are. They just went at it full throttle start to finish all the while the female host held her face and showed the hollowed mouth that was made to suck meat of huge girth.

The Warrior of Goja could start their own Indian version of Jackass. Having had their head run over by a car, eaten glass, pulled a car with teeth, had concrete blocks bashed on their chest and gone stack-up fakir on a bed of nail piled up on one another – I mean… damn! Chuck Norris must be pissed to have his match in India.

Is Seeing Believing – Full 2010 Documentary by BBC Horizon

Is Seeing Believing - Full 2010 Documentary by BBC Horizon

Is Seeing Believing is a documentary by BBC Horizon which taps deep into people’s minds to explore how we respond to illusions. The documentary looks into the science of illusions and explains why our sense fool us. As you watch “Is Seeing Believing”, you’ll start to understand why it’s possible to trick people’s sense of taste by just changing the color of what they’re about to eat or drink. It explains how what you hear can change by what you see.

An interesting part of the Is Seeing Believing documentary is the section about Daniel Kish – a man who lost his sight when he was a child. However despite being unable to see, Daniel Kish can create mental images of the world around him by clicking his tongue and echolocating the environment in much the same way bats do.

The case of Daniel Kish caught interest of some scientists who are running MRI scans on him to see if he may have actually rewired his brain to see through sounds. Is Seeing Believing is truly a fascinating documentary that’s worth a watch. This BBC Horizon program which was originally broadcast in 2010 is available here in full length of 1 hour. Watch it as a YouTube video below:

What is Reality – 2011 Film by BBC Horizon

What is Reality - 2011 Film by BBC Horizon

There is a strange and mysterious world around us, a world largely hidden from our senses. The quest to explain the true nature of reality is a scientific story worthy of a detective. The 2011 film by BBC Horizon titled What is Reality raises many questions and offers answers that are presently available which in turn raises even more questions. What is reality – can such question be answered by our knowledge so far?

The BBC Horizon program begins with Jacobo Konigsberg talking about the discovery of top quark at Fermilab. Frank Wilceck follows with a theory to explain the physics of particles in the hut of countries using a pieces of fruit. Anton Zeilinger shows us the double-slit experiment and then Seth Lloyd demonstrates us the world’s most powerful quantum computer, which despite being the most powerful, still has several holdbacks. Lloyd has some interesting ideas suggesting the universe could be much like a quantum computer.

Lenny Susskind then makes an appearance to tell us about the holographic principle which he discovered after encountering an interesting hologram in the corridor. The principle was holgraphicaly illustrated by projecting an image of Lenny into itself. Max Tegmark then draws some of his favorite equations in a window and tell us that reality is mathematics before dissolution in equations.

The most interesting part of the program was an article about an experiment to build a holometer at Fermilab described by its project leader – Craig Hogan. The laser inteferometer holometer is inspired by the noise in gravitational wave detectors such as LIGO. It is hoped that if the holographic principle is correct this experiment will detect its effects.

The tracks were reconstructed from the depths of the atom, from the event horizon of a black hole, and from the confines of the cosmos. It may be that we are part of a cosmic hologram, projected from the edge of the universe. Or that there are an infinity of parallel worlds. After watching the BBC Horizon program What Is Reality, the reality will never look the same to you again. Full lenght BBC feature can be watched in a YouTube video below:

Facial Flex for Better Blowjob

Facial Flex for Better Blowjob

Remember Tatiana Kozhevnikova – Woman with Strongest Vagina in the World. Obviously, Tatiana Kozhevnikova went through a lot of inter vaginal training to gain muscles strong enough to squeeze the shit out of a penis that enters her snatch. And what Tatiana Kozhevnikova was able to do with her vagina, now every woman can achieve with her mouth. Introducing Facial Flex for Better Blowjob.

I was first introduced to the magic of Facial Flex when I saw the video below. Middle aged woman demonstrates how to use Facial Flex though her accompanying comments suggest that women should do it in order to tone their facial muscles. I say the women should train their facial muscles for better blowjobs. Everybody knows that women are useless when it comes to blowjobs these days. The golden era of blowjob is long gone and an average straight male living in the 21st century has little to no chance to experience the pleasures quality blowjobs. Women lost their ability to give good blowjobs and it should be in their foremost interest to resurrect this ages long skill and become good at it once more. Facial Flex can help.

With this simple device, you can tone your facial muscles, but most importantly – stretch your lips so you can deepthroat a penis all the way in and squeeze it tightly with your goddamn lips, not your teeth. It does not feel good when you go all chainsaw on man’s Johnson with your teeth. Your teeth should not be scraping the skin off a dick, instead, your lips should be delivering smooth and tight friction for maximum enjoyment. And swallow the load bitch. What’s it with women today spitting that shit out. It’s full of proteins that will help you in your efforts to retain clean and sexy complexion. Learn how to blow properly already. To suck at sucking is the worst way of suckage imaginable.

BTW, I don’t endorse Facial Flex. As a woman, you should not need to buy anything to deliver decent blowjob. Train with something you can find around the house but do watch the video below cause facial expressions and mumblings are priceless.

Marijuana Bong = Air, Fire, Earth, Water for Superpowers

Marijuana Bong = Air, Fire, Earth, Water for Superpowers

This picture says it all – Smoking Marijuana out of a bong brings you closer to Mother Nature who is everything to us. Marijuana Bong symbolizes the unity of Air, Fire, Earth and Water and when consumed, it makes humans closer to having superpower. The morale of the story – smoking marijuana out of a bong is natural, it’s normal, it’s healthy and it is what mother nature intended of us to do. Legalize Weed NOW!

Masturbating Driver Pulled Over by the Police

Masturbating Driver Pulled Over by the Police

When Portland, Oregon police officers pulled over a car driven by Kevin Signalness, they found him with his pants unzipped and a pornographic magazine laid on the passenger seat. Kevin Signalness admitted to masturbating while driving. I wasn’t aware of any law prohibiting masturbation during driving, but judging by the mugshot, it is illegal and the masturbating driver was taking in by the police before he could wreak havoc on the road making sure he milks his member dry.

You know, at one point in my life, I saw a vibrating vagina with power connector that plugs into a car lighter. It was intended for car drivers so they could enjoy an intimate moments while still keeping their hands on the steering wheel. I’d say Kevin Signalness needs one of those.

Thailand Flooding 2011 Video

Thailand Flooding 2011 Video

The Surat Thani province in Southern Thailand has a pretty bad flooding record. Several foreigners including Swiss, German and British nationals were killed by floods in Surat Thani in 2007. Fast forward to 2011 and reports of more than 15,000 foreigners being stranded on islands of the Surat Thani province after heavy rains flooded this part of the country fill the pages of the media.

The video below is a recording of the flood water washing away a foot bridge in Surat Thani. When mother nature flexes her muscles, it’s always epic. Obviously, the 2011 Thailand Flooding fades in comparison with the scale of the disaster in Japan only a few weeks prior, but it’s yet another demonstration of how much power water wields.

Thailand Flooding 2011 Photo by Sukree Sukplang, REUTERS via Imbecile.ME

Thai Hookers Are Ugly – Many Photos as Proof

Thai Hookers Are Ugly - Many Photos as Proof

There is this myth going around that Thai bitches are hot. Well, whoever says that is either blind or wouldn’t know a hottie if she came at him with a signboard on her forehead and hit him square in the face. I’ve been to Thailand and can bust the myth with ease. Thai hookers are plain and simple ugly and I have pictures to prove it.

I understand why Thailand is so popular among vacationers and understand that many bury their dicks in those HIV infected vaginas but let’s not fool ourselves. Thai hookers are not pretty. They are butt effin ugly and they are all whores without any form of dignity. And that is the very reason why Thailand attracts so many tourists. It’s because there is no dignity in any of the Thai women and as a result, any man, regardless of what he looks like, where he came from or how much he smells can have any of them ugly whores for as long as he’s willing to pay for it. There are not many places in the world where a below average man can have his way with any woman he spots in the street, but it is possible in Thailand and that drives mass tourism.

Let’s face it – Thais are the most racist and xenophobic people in the world. They are also the unfriendliest people in the world who, unlike other South East Asian nations won’t even smile when they are ripping you off. I mean, you get rip off artists all over the continent, but for the most part the scammers put on a fake smile to get your money. In Thailand you will never see a single person strike up a smile – just like their king. The grumpiest king in the world, you will never see a single picture of him smiling and he’s a perfect reflection of his people. Perhaps the reason why he never smiles lays in a fact that he’s a king of whores and rapists. Not much of a win, is he?

Below is a gallery of pictures of Thai hookers mostly from Patong area of Phuket, Thailand, but there are a few shots from the Walking Street in Pattaya and from the Sukhumvit area in Bangkok. You will find hookers all over Thailand because Thai bitches love money and will do anything for some. That makes them whores but unlike popular belief would have it, they are not cheap and they are not pretty. They are just plentiful is all. And they are ugly. See for yourself. The true beauty of Thai hookers in pictures – ugly as hell!

9/11/01 + 3/10/11 = Game Over

9/11/01 + 3/10/11 = Game Over

In the wake of the Japan earthquake and tsunami – easily the most horrific natural disaster in modern history – speculations are rising over the symbolism of the date on which the earthquake was started. As can be seen from the equation in the picture above, adding up the numbers from the date of one of the largest manmade disaster in modern history – the 9/11/2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York – to the numbers from the date of the largest natural disaster – the 3/10/2011 earthquake in Japan – we’d get to what is widely believed to be the date of the end of the world – 12/21/2012. Is this coincidence or could this really be the game over?

BTW – yes, it is true that the big 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan on March 11, 2011, not March 10 as is used in the equation, however that’s when the original big tremors started.