3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy

3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy

3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy is a softcore erotic movie filmed in Hong Kong where it’s gotten buzz big enough to earn more on its opening day than James Cameron’s Avatar. 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy is said to be the first IMAX 3D erotic film in the world which I already can see will allow the movie to rake in even more revenue from screenings worldwide. The official 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy release date was April 14, 2011 but that was in Hong Kong. The movie will soon start making its way to theaters in the west so we can all take our would be girlfriends on our first dates to see it.

Check out the 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy movie trailer below. The movie stars Japanese AV Idols, some cool 3D graphics, really bad acting, and is slightly (but not really) NSFW. 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy was directed by Christopher Suen, produced by Stephen Shiu, written by Mark Wu and stars Hayama Go, Saori Hara, Lan Yan, Vonnie Lui, Yukiko Suo, Chen Chiu-Ping, Tony Ho, Naami Hasegawa, Vienna Lin, Justin Cheung, Jason Yiu, Wong Shu-Tong, Tenky Tin and others.

The Ring – Japanese Prank

When a random Japanese girl dresses up like Samara from The Ring and does nothing but stand in a hallway yet every person that passes by freaks the hell out, you know that The Ring was a good horror movie. This video looks like some form of a well executed Japanese prank which looks real by the reactions pulled by those people entering (those are genuine Japanese reactions) but it could be fake by the frequency at which people are entering. they seem rather distributed evenly as if someone was giving them cues to enter at a certain time, when previous person is already off the camera. Pretty funny either way.

That nut towards the end who has no sense of humor sort of spoils the video, but it’s amazing otherwise.

Was Lewis Carroll a Pedo Pervert?

Was Lewis Carroll a Pedo Pervert?

Did you know that Lewis Carroll whose real name is Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll is a pen name), author of famous Alice in Wonderland story is believed to have been a pedo pervert who felt attracted to underage girls and never had an adult partner? At one point Lewis Carroll also got into photography and while majority of his photos got lost, some were retrieved and at least half of them contain photographs of underage girls (around the age of 8 years – way before they’d developed breasts and pubic hair) in various stages of undress, including full or partial nudity. Yep, one of the most popular children stories may have been written by a man who was a pedophile and a pervert. At least based on contemporary societal rules.

The 2010 Alice in Wonderland movie directed by Tim Burton and starring Mia Wasikowska and Johnny Depp (among others) is already playing in the movie theaters near you and is cashing in big time. It’s a Disney movie (meaning it’s work safe and suitable for kids) based on a story by the writer who may have been much closer to the kids that we care to admit. Lewis Carroll a Pedo? No way, right? I know, I know… it’s me who’s a pervert, not Lewis Carroll?

History shows us that some of the greatest minds of our past have been pedophiles (by current values). We can go as far back as Greek Philosophers or as close as Michael Jackson. If you read religious books, you will find many references to important men being married to 14 year old girls. Prophet Muhammad married his favorite wife Aisha when she was 13, but may have had sexual relationship with her when she was as young as 8 (favorite age of Lewis Carroll). It’s funny how world perceives the same thing differently as the time passes by. At one time, sticking your glands into a virgin vagina of an 8 year old would have been perfectly fine, but now it isn’t.

Either way, if a particular person delivered something extraordinary that’s remembered for a long time, their “transgressions” are somehow forgotten (or forgiven). In other words, it’s all right for a person to be a pedophile and a pervert, for as long as they have created something that people like. Such as one of the most popular kid stories of all times. Afterall, had Lewis Carroll lived in the 21st century, Alice in Wonderland would never come to be because if 10 year old naked girls are what he needed to get inspired and write such magnificent story, then denying or imprisoning him for contact with such would prevent him from writing it.

Alice in Wonderland 2010 trailer is below:

Dimitri the Lover Movie Trailer

Dimitri the Lover Movie Trailer

I’m sure each of you who’s been on the interweb for at least a couple of weeks would have heard of Dimitri the Lover and listened repeatedly to his priceless voicemail he left for some ho named Olga. Dimitri the Lover is the icon of the new generation, a man who takes no poop from a hooker and puts those insecure bitches in place. Now this famous Toronto man is back straight in everyone’s face with a movie trailer for his upcoming documentary titled with the same name he was given after his voicemails went viral on the interweb – Dimitri the Lover.

In the movie trailer, Dimitri the Lover is as straight and as no BS as with the voicemails he left for Olga. I wouldn’t run to a movie theater to see his film, but I got to give him props for jumping on the opportunity and taking it a whole step further. Check out the “Dimitri the Lover Movie Trailer” below:

Dimitri the Lover Photo by Toronto Sun

Cop Out Movie Trailer

Cop Out Movie Trailer

Given that Hangover was such a massive disappointment that not even the biggest losers could laugh at the try hard Very Bad Things rip off, I’m glad to see that there will possibly be a comedy released that’s both dirty and funny. Cop Out is however directed by Kevin Smith which almost certainly guarantees a complete and utter fail. That’s why I won’t go to see Cop Out in a movie theater, however with movies like that, it’s enjoyable to check out the trailer. Trailers for failed movies usually include everything that’s worth while, as the rest of the movie stinks. Cop Out Movie Trailer has its moments and kind of pulls a shite that puts attempted smile on your child abusing face, but then it’s killed by a moment typical of Kevin Smith – try hard. Can Kevin Smith quit filmmaking already? He sucks whale bollocks at it.

The only positive thing about Cop Out movie as far as I can see is the presence of Michelle Trachtenberg. I love Michelle, she’s so cute and hot it’s ridiculous. There should be more of her in the trailer. I don’t mind Bruce Willis either and am surprised that old man can still pull it off, but trailer plain and simple doesn’t have enough of Michelle Trachtenberg. Wait…. Kevin Smith needs to seriously quit making movies cause he’s an embarrassment to human species. Failed Cop Out Movie Trailer is below:

Avatar Earnings – $2 Billion and Growing

Avatar Earnings - $2 Billion and Growing

Well Damn! That’s all I can say. Avatar is making money like there’s no tomorrow. Current Avatar’s earnings stepped over $2 Billion US making it the first movie in history to earn more than two billion dollars and Avatar is still showing. It’s a movie you can still go to see in a movie theater and you will sit in a sold out room – how much are the earnings going to grow once DVDs are released and once Lightstorm Entertainment starts milking obsessed Avatar fans with release of fan cards, figurines and whatever else can be utilized to make more money? Take a look at the picture above. If you split Avatar’s earnings into one hundred dollar bills, this is how big a pile you would get. Almost 24 palettes stacked up high with one hundred dollar bills. Damn!

According to Box Office Mojo, current Avatar’s earnings are exactly at $2,039,200.00 range. Of this total, 29.2% or $594.5 Million was earned in the USA, and 70.8% or 1,444.8 Million was earned overseas. Avatar is pretty damn popular all over the world, as you can see. And these earnings will not even reflect future earnings of 3D TV Manufacturers who will see lots of sales of their home 3D TV Sets thanks to Avatar. I saw the movie, I liked it, but it would never have occurred to me that it will be such massively successful. Just damn. Avatar’s earnings continue to grow. i predict more than $3 Billion when all is said and done and Avatar has earned a few Oscars.

Avatar is NOT The Best Selling Movie of All Time – Far From It

Avatar is NOT The Best Selling Movie of All Time – Far From It

The world of movie making is all abuzz about Avatar because it’s become the highest earning movie of all time. In gross figures so far, Avatar has earned $1,858,562,198 worldwide (almost two billion dollars US). This makes Avatar the best gross earning movie of all time, but not the best selling movie of all time as many falsely claim. Avatar is actually far and some more from being the best selling movie of all time. Let me explain:

Titanic, a movie which as Avatar was also directed by James Cameron was the highest grossing movie up until a few days ago with $1,843,201,268 in earnings but when Titanic was released, the cost of a movie theater ticket was much lower than it is today. Cinemas rip us the movie goers off nowadays so gross earnings of latest movies are expectedly higher than gross earnings of movies from a few years back. Hence gross earnings are not a very good indicator of real movie popularity.

To get a better sense of which movie is the best selling movie of all time, one would have to take a look at ticket sales and that’s where Avatar lacks (albeit it still counts as a very popular movie). Throughout the history of filmmaking, there have been 25 movies that saw more movie theater tickets sold than Avatar. Above mentioned Titanic for example sold 128,345,900 tickets whereas Avatar only sold 76,421,000. Below is the list of top 20 movies of all time based on ticket sales:

1 Gone With the Wind (1939): 202,044,600
2 Star Wars (1977): 178,119,600
3 The Sound of Music (1965): 142,415,400
4 E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982): 141,854,300
5 The Ten Commandments (1956): 131,000,000
6 Titanic (1997): 128,345,900
7 Jaws (1975): 128,078,800
8 Doctor Zhivago (1965): 124,135,500
9 The Exorcist (1973): 110,568,700
10 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937): 109,000,000
11 101 Dalmatians (1961): 99,917,300
12 The Empire Strikes Back (1980): 98,180,600
13 Ben-Hur (1959): 98,000,000
14 Return of the Jedi (1983): 94,059,400
15 The Sting (1973): 89,142,900
16 Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981): 88,141,900
17 Jurassic Park (1993): 86,205,800
18 The Graduate (1967): 85,571,400
19 Star Wars: Episode I (1999): 84,825,800
20 Fantasia (1941): 83,043,500

It’s understandable that a movie which was released in times when a ticket cost 50 cents will not show gross earnings comparable to a movie which was released when a ticket cost $20. That’s why calling Avatar the best selling movie of all time is premature. It’s only best grossing movie of all time because seeing a movie today costs more than it did in 1997 when Titanic was released.

That being said, modern technologies make it much easier today for many people to see a movie without going to the movie theater. Gone with the Wind may be leading the list of ticket sales, but back then going to a movie theater was the only option for people to see the movie. When Titanic was released, certain technologies such as DVDs or VHS were already available making it easier to come by illegal pirated copies (bootlegs) which could have affected ticket sales. In case of Avatar, internet makes the option to see a bootlegged copy of the movie at any given moment from the comfort of your living room chair real, which must have affected ticket sales even more.

Because of wide availability of pirated movies, ticket sales can no longer be considered a solid benchmark of movie popularity, but it is better than taking gross sales only. Avatar is a great movie, don’t get me wrong. I saw it and loved it. I didn’t particularly think it was gonna get this insanely popular, but I did enjoy it and ranked it as one of the finest I have seen. It’s still far from the best movie made, though. Let’s not call it the best selling movie of all time, because it simply isn’t.

Avatar Depression – New Condition You Experience After Seeing the Movie in 3D

Avatar Depression - New Condition You Experience After Seeing the Movie in 3D

It’s a new phenomenon. New medical condition. Many people who went to see Avatar in 3D report that they have experienced post movie depression upon realization that they were back on Earth, not on Pandora. The world seems grey after you have taken off the 3D glasses as the last line of Avatar credits rolls off the screen. This is what 2010 will be all about – people depressed because of a movie.

I have seen Avatar and loved it. Yes, it is a story that’s been beaten to death and yes, you know exactly what happens next, yet I still enjoyed it. After the movie I’ve moved on. But let’s put all movie making aside and focus on Avatar Depression. As you will see in a video below, CNN did a report about it and to get to the right answers, they’ve invited two seriously dumb people to comment on the phenomenon. Both have no clue what the eff they’re talking about and both are irritating to listen to.

Jo Piazza who’s an entertainment writer for CNN sounds like she’s got walnuts in her throat (or some other nuts) and what she says is so out of whack I was tearing my own nuts off to shove them down her throat so she could just shut the eff up. Obviously, Ms. Jo Piazza must have just found out about the internet yesterday. I don’t know why they employ people who spent last two decades living in a cave, but then again, it’s CNN. They also kiss Barack Obama’s ass which says it all.

Jo Piazza doesn’t understand the internet. She doesn’t know that what people say on the internet does not necessarily reflect who they really are. These people often have no other life so their on line acquaintances represent the community they want to fit in with. They will do and say anything they have to in order to get attention, for they lack it in real life. Jo Piazza has no grasp of this phenomenon whatsoever. How can she understand the Avatar depression phenomenon if sheer basics escape her lacking smarts.

Psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser was a little bit less clueless with her responses but also doesn’t get firm grasp of reality either. Then again, since her title bears word “psycho” she’s doomed to not understand what real people deal with and feel. Psychologists are as clueless about real people as they get.

People exaggerate. This simple premise is often overlooked by so called experts. People also pretend to be, have, or feel what they are not, don’t have or feel. That’s the way people are. Furthermore, people are affected by their surroundings. They respond to stimuli offered by those they are in contact with. If there is going to be something bad looking out of the Avatar depression, it will be in response to weak minded individuals giving in to the momentum created by attention seekers. However those weak individuals would flip sooner or later anyway. They just need the trigger. And Avatar Depression could easily be one if they focus on it intensively enough.

Duh, input from “experts” never ceases to amaze me. Just how dumb do you have to be to let bullshit out of your mouth on national TV. And how dumb are the people to eat that along with cherry on top. We’re doomed. The world is grey and flat. I want to live on Pandora. The video is below:

Lindsay Lohan Documentary About Child Trafficking in India – BBC Trailer

Lindsay Lohan Documentary About Child Trafficking in India - BBC Trailer

Lindsay Lohan may have spent whole last week sun tanning in St. Barts with fiasco in the end, but apparently she’s been busy trying to get her PR in order by filming a BBC sponsored documentary about child trafficking in India. Yes, by looking at Lindsay Lohan’s past, one would have to be blind to not have noticed what desperate attention whore she is, but she must have hired good publicist to put her in path of this documentary cause that’s just about what could work.

Lindsay Lohas is useless as actress and unable to score any decent gigs and whoring herself out as lesbian is getting old, so what could she do to stay in spotlight and improve her public image? How about a documentary about child trafficking in India. That should work. Many people will see it as an effort to make change in child’s life, others could simply see Lindsay Lohan in a movie, regardless of whether it’s a documentary or not so it will give an impression that her acting career is not completely dead… And then there are those of us who believe that she doesn’t care one bit about child trafficking in India but it’s a good opportunity to put her name back in the spotlight so she jumped right on it.

BBC has released first trailer from the upcoming documentary featuring Lindsay Lohan which is now available on YouTube. You can watch the trailer below. There isn’t that much to see yet, but could be interesting.

Karate Kid Remake Trailer (2010)

Karate Kid Remake Trailer (2010)

I like Karate Kid movies and watched each release as a “kid”. Now they are working on a remake of this classic – typical Hollywood. Everything that makes it must be milked out of its effin mind. Never the less, I’m looking forward to the 2010 Karate Kid Remake. And if it wasn’t for atrociously awful music in the trailer, I’d totally drool to it. The presence of Jackie Chan kind of ruins it a bit, but otherwise the trailer does have some merit to it so I predict a rather well done movie.

Karate Kid remake stars Jaden Smith as the “karate kid” and above mentioned Jackie Chan as Mr. Miyagi type karate mentor called Mr. Han. The story revolves around the kid who moves with his mother to Beijing, China where he quickly becomes a victim of bullying. His struggle is noticed by an eccentric kung fu tutor who takes upon himself a task to teach the kid karate so he can stand up for himself and fight the bullies back. yes, I did say Kung Fu instead of Karate and I’m sure martial arts experts will agree with me that the combat art presented in the Karate Kid Remake Trailer below is in fact Kung Fu. But SONY cares nothing about that. They’re just looking to milk the story which has “Karate” in its title so they are following the trend that leads to box office success. As a fan of martial arts, I find it ironic, but as someone who understands show business, the reasoning behind it makes perfect sense.

Anyway, the 2010 Karate Kid Remake Trailer is below. The movie is directed by Harald Zwart who also directed The Pink Panther 2 and the script was written by Michael Soccio. The remake of Karate Kid will hit the theaters near you on June 11th, 2010. The remake will not top the original, that’s for sure, but it could be a fun movie to watch. I will probably go to see it.