Insane Video of Moose Being Eaten Alive by Bear

This is an absolutel insane video of a European Elk, also known as Moose being eaten b Black Bear but still alive. At one point it tries to stand up but falls again becuase the injuries caused by massive Bear teeth are so severe, Moose can’t recover. Poor Moose is then kicking its legs as Bear merilessly takes one bite after another of its fresh flesh. This is the nature at its best, the predator wins and only kills in order for himself to survive.

The video was filme in Arjeplog area in Northern Sweden. Some people may find it shocking and disturbing, but don’t hold it against the bear. They are beautiful creatures, just as moose are. They don’t kill for pleasure like men. Bear was following its instrincts and this fight ended in his favor. If you find yourself upset after watching this video, chek out bear Maeuschen and his friendship with cat Muschi from Berlin Zoo..

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