Oliver Peck Beats the Shit out of his Ex Wife Kat Von D

Oliver Peck Beats the Shit out of his Ex Wife Kat Von D

…in tattoos. Oliver Peck, ex-husband of world famous tattoo artist and a star of LA Ink, the reality show on TLC – Kat von D (full name Katherine Von Drachenberg) beat the shit out of his ex wife for inking the most tattoos in 24 hour period.

Oliver Peck, notorious for his mustache, got his name listed in the Guinness Book of World Records after he successfully inked 415 tattoos at his Elm Street Tattoo shop in Dallas, Texas. From midnight on Thursday through to midnight on Friday, Oliver Peck tattooed unlucky number 13 on body parts of volunteering cops, firefighters, bartenders, etc. ranging from arms, through legs all that way to asses. I need a girlfriend who has “13″ tattooed on her ass. I’d be shooting my sperm at it each time I ejaculate after a doggy style.

By finishing 415 tattoos in 24 hours, Oliver Peck beat the record previously held by his ex-wife Kat Von D by 15. Katherine Von Drachenberg was so full of herself and now her own “hobbit with a mustache” ex husband took wind out of her sails. Nice ownage!

Kudos to Oliver Peck. Not only has he fucked his ex wife Kat Von D in the ass by beating her record, he also had it so awesomely timed. He basically spent entire Friday the 13th, from first second to last, tattooing unlucky number 13 on people’s asses. Oliver Peck fucking rocks!

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4 thoughts on “Oliver Peck Beats the Shit out of his Ex Wife Kat Von D

  1. claire

    the only reason Peck won was becuase he used 13 to win , have u seen the tattoo it would have taken more time to do LA then 13…what a looser

  2. cjay

    haha oliver peck got fucked in the ass by Derek Kastning in tattooing what a fucking idiot who wrote this article , kat von d is a goddess of tattoing where oliver peck is a hack, who only got famous cos he was married to kat

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