Ordos China Empty City

Ordos China Empty City

Chinese government has invested $585 Billion as stimulus package to support the growth of Chinese economy despite recession. Big chunk of the money went towards speedy creation of cities such as Ordos in Inner Mongolia, north-east China. Ordos was built in just 5 years and was built to be big enough for 1 million residents, however the city is empty. Despite all the modern infrastructure, there is hardly anybody there and Ordos as seen for what it really is – an Empty City.

Thanks to its low population numbers, but high income due to nearby coal mines, Ordos has the second highest per capita income, after Shanghai. And even though Ordos remains an Empty City with hardly any inhabitants, management of construction companies claims that all units have been sold, it’s just that nobody’s moving in. Most of the house and apartments have been purchased by investors. At present time Ordos is an Empty City in China, but if it takes off, the value of these homes and other real estate will sky rocket which in the end will result in great return on investment.

The video about Ordos, China’s Empty City by Al Jazeera is below:

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