Thai Hookers Are Ugly – Many Photos as Proof

Thai Hookers Are Ugly - Many Photos as Proof

There is this myth going around that Thai bitches are hot. Well, whoever says that is either blind or wouldn’t know a hottie if she came at him with a signboard on her forehead and hit him square in the face. I’ve been to Thailand and can bust the myth with ease. Thai hookers are plain and simple ugly and I have pictures to prove it.

I understand why Thailand is so popular among vacationers and understand that many bury their dicks in those HIV infected vaginas but let’s not fool ourselves. Thai hookers are not pretty. They are butt effin ugly and they are all whores without any form of dignity. And that is the very reason why Thailand attracts so many tourists. It’s because there is no dignity in any of the Thai women and as a result, any man, regardless of what he looks like, where he came from or how much he smells can have any of them ugly whores for as long as he’s willing to pay for it. There are not many places in the world where a below average man can have his way with any woman he spots in the street, but it is possible in Thailand and that drives mass tourism.

Let’s face it – Thais are the most racist and xenophobic people in the world. They are also the unfriendliest people in the world who, unlike other South East Asian nations won’t even smile when they are ripping you off. I mean, you get rip off artists all over the continent, but for the most part the scammers put on a fake smile to get your money. In Thailand you will never see a single person strike up a smile – just like their king. The grumpiest king in the world, you will never see a single picture of him smiling and he’s a perfect reflection of his people. Perhaps the reason why he never smiles lays in a fact that he’s a king of whores and rapists. Not much of a win, is he?

Below is a gallery of pictures of Thai hookers mostly from Patong area of Phuket, Thailand, but there are a few shots from the Walking Street in Pattaya and from the Sukhumvit area in Bangkok. You will find hookers all over Thailand because Thai bitches love money and will do anything for some. That makes them whores but unlike popular belief would have it, they are not cheap and they are not pretty. They are just plentiful is all. And they are ugly. See for yourself. The true beauty of Thai hookers in pictures – ugly as hell!

10 thoughts on “Thai Hookers Are Ugly – Many Photos as Proof”

  1. some of these are alright, i mean i have seen uglier chicks at my school. if your desperate your not really prone to judge

  2. and still THOUSANDS of FARANGS still thinks how so handsome they are from getting loads of attention with these sluts thats why they keep coming back to Thailand 😉 worst part is that they even cheat on their partners/ wives in their homeland just to be with these creatures!

  3. Have you even been to Thailand??? It doesn’t sound like it at all. It sounds like you are a jaded Westerner who is married to some fat psychotic wife who has no interest in your shriveled pimple anymore.

    Personally, my visits have always been fantastic. It’s called Land Of Smiles for a reason. I find the people there to be so full of grace and equanimity and very friendly, but not in an American fake-smiley face way. And like everywhere else on earth, there are women you’ll find beautiful and women you won’t. To each their own.

  4. Don’t get the King involved, too many people recognise how hard he work for the Thais and how good he was, even the Queen of England,

    You just try to drag people down to your anger and disappointments situation, Thailand there aint only patatya , sukumvit or patong yhat tou mention , too amny places around Thailand that you not yet familiar with.

    And all of the places you are taking about , I don’t really know why you went there for if not for a hooker as you say, You just went to the wrong places at the right time but hang around with the wrong people, Next time open your eyes more wilder and learn how to choose the right place and talk to the right people, Not just you don’t have enough money to buy a good sevices but the cheap whore on the street , came back with unsatisfactories, Sit down in front of the monitor and start complianing to show the world how fool you are.

  5. Umm … sorry but I wouldn’t consider most of these women as “ugly”. They are by far more attractive than the average western woman on the street. Bodies are slim, taste in facial features varies always a bit … so what.

  6. i full agree them some butt ugly whoars .

    the male Species has no taste and will couple with any thing avaliable and remotly willing .

  7. My god this article grossly misrepresents Thailand, Thai people, and even Thai prostitutes. Why is the author so jaded?

    I have lived in Thailand for several years and I have never paid for the services of a prostitute. That being said, I am young, relatively fit and not unattractive. i don’t need to pay for sex. But I have been to the red light districts and many Thai prostitutes are in fact very beautiful. However, they typically command a higher price and are not usually found on the street. The majority of Thai go go and bargirls come from the poor northeast region of the country, known as Isaan. Yes, one can say that prostitution is not respectable. But I think the author is too hard on the women, who are typically uneducated and poor. The financial opportunities presented to them in the industry dwarf what opportunities they have in their home provinces. It’s economics. If anything, the practice should be legalized and regulated to foster safe working environments and prevent human trafficking.

  8. The author of this story is probably some fat,white, lazy western cow, whose boyfriend or husband left her for a sexy beautiful, Thai girl.

  9. LOL…thai women are the best..but it is poison..there beautiful fellating machines..farkin stunners tight bodies..tanned..giggly and verocious appetites…just fark em(use concoms for everything) or hire em out for a while..theyll change your religious beliefs…but dont connect cause if u do 9/10 youll get buried..just move on and enjoy the many lollies on offer…only thing that scares me is stds and hepatitis..thats why i dont go deep any more( blow jobs only)…just enjoy..but always check your farkin head..or youll regret it!….

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