Tyra Banks Knows What It’s Like To Be Homeless

Yeah right. Tyra Banks is so full of crap. Last night on America’s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks told the girls that their very first photoshoot would be to portray homeless young women and their struggle. In her utter bullshitness, Tyra said this was an issue that’s really close to her heart, because a year ago she volunteered to be homeless for a day as part of Tyra Bank’s Show.

What a bunch of crap. She calls this a personal issue? She only played homeless for a day for her own self promotion and promotion of her little show. She’s even using America’s Next Top Model show to promote Tyra Bank’s show and herself. She’s so self focused it’s ridiculous. Wait for what will come next. I betcha every other photoshoot will be “close to her heart”. She’s full of shit!

Video above is of Tyra telling the girls crap about how she knows what it’s like to be homeless and the pics below are from the homeless shoot itself.

Pic of Tyra Banks Homeless
Tyra Banks Homeless

Aimee Homeless

Allison Homeless

Amis Homeless.

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