Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction – Original Uncensored Video

Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction - Original Uncensored Video

Big fucking deal – during Super Bowl 2004 a major situation occured that would enter the history as Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction. Justin Timberlake joined his gayness with Janet Jackson on stage during Super Bowl half time break, and at the end of the song Rock Your Body, he grabbed at Janet Jackson’s tit, ripping her costume exposing her fugly, sagged boob that had golden plated covering over the nipple. Media went ape shit – wardrobe malfunction on live TV. Holy fucking demon on a broomstick!

Big controversy followed, media and their ability in providing decent coverage was questioned, every man and woman would have had something related to Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction pouring out of their ears. How decadent, how atrocious… shit the fuck up!

CBS – responsible for broadcasting the Superbowl and Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction was fined by the commission a fee of $550k, because of explicit, graphic, shocking, fleeting and pandering display involving saggy tit. According to the commission, the broadcaster (CBS Corp.) had violated “contemporary community standards.”

The fine of $550k is the largest in history against a TV broadcaster for indecency, but today, four years later, the judge dismissed the fine, ruling that FCC (Federal Communications Commission) acted “arbitrarily and capriciously” in fining CBS.

So no fine for CBS. Estimated 90 million viewers who saw the blasphemous Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction can now put down their stakes. And if you haven’t seen the monstrosity, below is the original uncensored video of the deviance. The cherry on top is towards the end.


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