Adriana Cernanova- Face of Wonderbra

Adriana Cernanova- Face of Wonder Bra

She is the face and body of Wonder Bra. 22 year old model Adriana Cernanova was discovered at the very young age of 14 and had modeled and appeared in various magazines and ads. She is most known however for landing the coveted job of being the face of Wonder Bra. And is there any wonder why? She looks stunning wearing the black strapless push-up Wonder Bra and matching black boy-short cut panties.

Ana Ivanovic – Tennis Pin-Up Girl

Ana Ivanovic - Tennis Pin-Up Girl

Who cares if she had only one Grandslam title? Who cares if she gone from ranking No. 1 to No. 22 in just 1 1/2 year? Who cares if her career has been a disappointment after receiving such hype back when she won the French Open, her only Grandslam back in 2008? Who cares if she changes boyfriends so fast it gives you a whiplash?

No one really.

Ana Ivanovic, the 26 year old raven-haired Serbian, remains as one of the most popular and well liked female tennis player amidst all the career disappointments. You can thank her cute voice and even cuter face and slamming body! And yes, most her fans are of the male variety, or Serbian, but I doubt she loses sleep from that.

Kate Moss In Her Birthday Suit

Kate Moss In Her Birthday Suit

Someone just turned the big 4-0! Let us celebrate Kate Moss’ birthday by feasting our eyes on this picture of her. The naughty birthday girl is captured lying on a bed with purple silk sheets, completely naked, breasts jutting out, nipples erect and completing her birthday suit ensemble with black and (playboy) bunny mask.

Oh Kate, you were exquisite, still a bit are! An advice though, we know it’s the middle of the week and you might be busy doing who knows what, but please do eat! At least allow your body to intake something other than coke.

Happy birthday, Kate!

Kelly Gale – The New Face (And Body) Of International Modeling

Kelly Gale - The New Face (And Body) Of International Modeling

You might want to get a good look at 18 year old, Kelly Gale. This very easy on the eye Autralian-Indian beauty is captured wearing nothing but a gray Victoria’s Secret panties with white lace details, arms covering her breasts, thumb sexually touching her lips. Expected to take the international modeling by a storm, Kelly who had been discovered 5 years ago at the age of 13, had walked the prestigious Victoria’s Secret Runway Fashion show in New York.

Sylwia Nowak Lounging In The Bed In Lingerie

Sylwia Nowak Lounging In The Bed In Lingerie

Polish Ice Dancer, Sylwia Nowak is a multi-awarded athlete which includes being a nine-time Polish National Champion. Very comfortable and at home in the ice, this Ice Queen can bring inferno in the bedroom. A proof of that is this black and white photo of the 37 year old in bed and wearing nothing but sexy black lace bra and panties.

Model Candice Swanepoel Shows Off Her Butt In A Selfie

Model Candice Swanepoel Shows Off Her Butt In A Selfie

South African model and a Victoria’s Secret Angel, Candice Swanepoel had no problem showing off her assets. Taking a selfie in the bedroom in a mismatched and barely there bikini, the 25 year old model took a picture of her back and her firm globes. I guess boyfriend, Hermann Nicoli isn’t a jealous one.

Lucy Pinder’s Advocacy For Balls

Lucy Pinders Advocacy For Balls

Mostly known for posing in men magazines, Lucy Pinder for those who does not know is a very active crusader for Kick 4 Life, Sports For All, and Get Kids Going, all are charities that encourages kids or the underprivileged to turn to sports, mostly football, rather than get in trouble. She’s a huge football fan and she’s not scared to show them balls, and if this picture is to be based on she doesn’t discriminate. Her breasts are round too, just like footballs, and their size doesn’t differ much as well. Especially when she’s wearing nothing but a black bra that can hardly contain her breasts. GOAL!

Holly Peers Caught In A Net

Holly Peers Caught In A Net

Paradise. Scenic beach, clear water, and English glamour model Holly Peers showing off her sexy body. Wearing big golden loop earrings, blue eyelet dress which resembles more of a net than a dress or swimming attire, hands tightly clasping the dress closer to her body. There is no doubting that she might be caught in a net but she also is trying to lure someone in. Hey, nobody wants to be lonely.

Then again maybe if she’d only be classy she doesn’t need any of this tricks to attract attention.