34DD Tennis Star Simona Halep Going for Breast Reduction (before pics)

Tits Too Big, Breast Reduction is Well Warranted, Simona Halep

Romanian tennis star Simona Halep who sports 34DD tits is going for breast reduction because her melons are getting in the way when she’s playing tennis. In a recent interview with British The Sun, 17 year old Simona Halep said:

This fall I’ll have a breast reduction operation. The breasts make me uncomfortable when I play. It’s the weight that troubles me – my ability to react quickly.

I could not be in any more support of this breast surgery. First of all – anything more than a handful is a waste and secondly – if her tits are this big now that she’s 17, they’re gonna sag and drag along the road as she walks once she’s 27. Besides, we live in the 21st century. The time of ugly, big breasted women of the 60’s are over. We have internet now and know that real men prefer smaller breasts. You’re not only going to be able to play tennis better, , you will also look better. Get rid of that tumor on your chest. There are only advantages to it.

I have long been the supporter of smaller breasts and perhaps now that Simona Halep is going for breast reduction it will open up the eyes of many women who are considering plastic surgery to have their breasts enlarged – nobody cares for big tits. The only breast surgery that makes sense is breast reduction. Whether you do it for reasons similar to Simona Halep – aka to be able to perform in your profession better, or whether you do it to look better and to appeal to wider range of men, breast reduction should be the only plastic surgery any woman gets done on their chest.

Simona Halep – lead the way. Show women that having breast reduction can make them more successful and hotter looking. I’m looking forward to the “after pic” of hotter you. In the meantime, let’s take a look at “before pics”. Yeah, tits too big!

…and a video of Simona Halep playing tennis with those giant boobs grossly bouncing up and down:

PS – I’m on vacation in Iceland until June 10th. There may be no updates until I have returned to good ole Canada.

12 thoughts on “34DD Tennis Star Simona Halep Going for Breast Reduction (before pics)”

  1. You idiot you call breast a tumer,
    you have it on your brain,go and cut your stupid had.Real man small breast.Real woman small penis.
    Remove as sick as you are your bigest world thief humen rights abuser queen el.2

  2. Men don’t like big tits?! What planet are you living on? Are you even a guy, or are you some woman giving her ignorant opinion on what men like? If you are a guy, get a clue! So maybe you are into butts or legs – fine. But many, if not most, guys like big tits. You’re delusional. For every breast reduction surgery there are thousands of breast enlargement surgeries. Frankly, I don’t like these fake tits, but genuine large tits are amazing! Just because it’s not your cup of tea doesn’t mean you can imply women with large tits are less attractive. What bullshit! I would argue that the stick-figure, Kate Moss, image that is sold to women in magazines is the false image. Men don’t find those stick figure women attractive. They look anorexic, and many are. So with respect, I think your personal tastes do not reflect the majority of men. Certainly to say someone would look better with smaller tits is crazy. She may “feel” better, because she’ll play better tennis and she’s probably been teased for having big boobs her whole life. But she won’t look better. Not in my opinion and not in the opinion of most men. I think breast reduction surgery is tragic. It’s like taking a beautiful work of art and chopping it up. But then again, I don’t have to lug a set of double-D’s around. So it’s ultimately the woman’s decision. But your suggestion that men in general will find her more attractive, and your assertion that men don’t like big tits, is absolutely false. YOU may find her more attractive. But then, you seem to have something against big tits. Maybe you should get some help for that! Cheers

  3. Paul, you are new to the internet, aren’t you? Or just simply not too bright? If the former, then welcome to the information superhighway. If the later… nevermind. You won’t get it.

  4. Gee, I post a comment at 8:59 and I get a reply at 9:03. You must be glued to your PC. So sorry to interrupt your jacking off time. Feel free to shut the fuck up unless you have something worthwhile to say. Do you actually have a response to my comment that makes sense? Or wait… is it that this bullshit website was created by a jackoff who thinks he’s funny, and he was being sarcastic or satirical in this story. Is that it? Did I not get the “joke”? If that’s the case, so sorry, but jokes are normally funny. You can therefore understand my confusion.

  5. I’m with Paul. Breast reductions are like the death of a puppy. Get this woman a better bra for her games, and let her be hot as all hell everywhere else.

  6. Well said John! Who doesn’t love puppies? LOL It’s just a shame that women have such low self-esteem. Too big, to small, too short, too tall, too fat, too thin… they’re never happy with their bodies. Nor do they appreciate it when they are blessed with something like beautiful breasts. All they do is complain about being teased growing up! Get over it! Appreciate what you have instead of having some surgeon mutilate you. By the way, breast reduction surgery leaves a horrible looking scar, from the nipple down to the bottom of the breast. It’s horrific looking. I can’t imagine a woman choosing to have 2 odd-shaped, scarred breasts vs. lovely natural ones. Such a shame.

  7. This girl could get me to start watching tennis if she keeps those beautiful tits. I’m with Paul all the way. Man she’s hot!!!

  8. No man in the right state of mind would like women small tits. especially after tit reduction surgery.

  9. No man in the right state of mind would like women with small tits. especially after tit reduction surgery.

  10. My chest is 34DD, very nearly an E and I would NEVER have them reduced because I’m proud of them. Yeah, they give me back ache and I have to lug them around everywhere but so what. Everyone knows most outfits, dresses and shirts look better with breasts to fill them out and a damn good clevage looks good in anyone’s eyes. I would say to Simona be proud of them, since they’re a part of her and they suit her but if she wants to get them reduced then who am I to judge.

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