Lesley Visser – This is What Top US Female SportsCaster Looks Like

Lesley Visser - This is What Top US Female SportsCaster Looks Like

Lesley Visser has been voted the #1 US female sportcaster. The photo above is of Lesley Visser – that’s what top felame sportcaster in the US looks like. Not bad, eh? Now take a look at Federica Fontana – The Italian SportsCaster. People who voted for Lesley Visser are probably the same people who voted for Angelina Jolie as the sexiest female actor. Ewww!

In all fairness to Lesley Visser – it’s hard to compare any female to Federica Fontana so it’s all good. Given that she’s 56 year old – she looks pretty fine for her age. Doing sportscasts for CBS, Lesley Visser beat 36 finalists to become the No 1 voted female sportscaster in the US, followed by Andrea Kremer of NBC, Robin Roberts of ABC and ESPN, Michele Tafoya of ESPN and Hannah Storm of ESPN. Gratz

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2 thoughts on “Lesley Visser – This is What Top US Female SportsCaster Looks Like”

  1. Are you a fucking retard? She’s a journalist, not a model- what do her looks have to do with anything?
    Make a similar comment to a judge or a cardiologist that happens to be a woman- see what happens!

    Keep hiding behind your computer screen pencil dick.


  2. Roflmao, I think u take this blog too serious, dude writes some funny shit. Yeah it’s degrading but so was married with children and that show was amazing. I’ve always assumed everything he writes about woman is not to be taken too serious. Dude makes fun of himself half the time. Funny disses though Matt, if he is serious about the stuff he posts about woman you are %100 right and I agree but I think it’s more for entertainment

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