US Pole Dancing Champion Natasha Wang Falls on Good Morning LA

US Pole Dancing Champion Natasha Wang Falls on Good Morning LA

Who would have thought that US Pole Dancing Champion Natasha Wang was clumsy as hell. And not only is she clumsy and unworthy of the title of the pole dancing champion, she’s also full of herself as she clearly demonstrated after her fall in response to the Good Morning LA host when she said that “it doesn’t happen to ME very often!”. Yes, Natasha Wang is a pretty girl and on top of it all also Asian, which is a combination majority of men will find attractive (I’d hit her too), but it got to her a little bit too much and she’s nothing but a bag of conceit now.

I guess being half attractive and skilled in spreading legs wide open before the eyes of sleazy middle aged men is a green light to the realm narcissism. Natasha Wang has got it down. Frivolity is inborn, conceit acquired. They taught you well, Tash! Check out the video below:

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Daniel Morad Shoelace Victory Lap Fail at 2010 DD2 Rotax Go Cart World Championship

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what are grown-ups doing riding go carts, but apparently not only do they ride them, they have go cart riding championships. One of them – 2010 DD2 Rotax Go Cart World Championship was a setting for an amazing victory lap fail whereas the winner – Daniel Morad saw his shoelace caught in a front wheel sending him off the track and taking another go cart with him.

Perhaps that will teach Daniel Morad to wear shoes with laces when engaging in something as serious as Go Cart racing. F1 drivers know that you should only use shoes with zippers if you’re going to do some serious riding, but then again, go carts are for fun, right? Check out the video of this hilarious victory lap fail above.