Cambodian Stampede and Hun Sen – The Truth

Cambodian Stampede and Hun Sen - The Truth

So Cambodians showed their true nature and the whole world is supposed to feel sympathy and send more money over to further support the most corrupt government in the world. What a joke and what a blessing for Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen. Being one of the biggest mass murderers of all time, second only to Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin, Hun Sen had more than a million Cambodians killed to secure himself with full and complete control over the country, its military, its police force, its judiciary system, its public sector and lucrative logging, real estate and other major money makers.

Yet more than one million executed is just what Hun Sen had killed directly. There are millions more who died as a result of Hun Sen’s doing indirectly. Cambodian government, lead by Hun Sen is so corrupt and so power hungry, they don’t want to take any chances of revolution, so they purposefully keep ordinary people deprived of education and health care. Dumbed down, sick population poses little threat to power hungry politicians and makes for an image of impoverished, underprivileged population. And that when seen by the international community makes western governments set aside good chunk of tax payers’ money and give it to Hun Sen for nothing.

Millions of Cambodians die because they can’t afford to survive and Hun Sen uses them as store front to promote his country as poor so he gets money from the west. We, the westerners fall for his crap and sent money every year. In 2009, Hun Sen’s government got a whooping $1 Billion from people like you and me, because our government sent it to him. And what he does with it? He uses it to further secure his control over the country, to further exploit country’s natural, historical and cultural resources to feed his own pockets while ensuring 12 out of 14 million people who live in Cambodia live on less than $2 a day.

But Cambodians themselves are not willing to take steps towards a change. Their government makes billions of dollars collecting visa fees from millions of tourists, collecting entrance fees to Angkor Archaeological Park and keeping it for themselves (concessions is run by a private company Sokhamex with close ties to the government – despite it being the heritage of all Cambodians, small group of people get to keep all profits it generates), from illegal logging (illegal deforestation in Cambodia progresses at a rate not seen anywhere else in the world) – and they keep it all for themselves. Not a penny goes to improve the lives of ordinary Cambodians.

And what is the response of Western governments to it? They send this corrupt government more money to further secure their stronghold over the nation so there really is no chance in hell to end poverty and improve the lives of majority. Then to add insult to injury, Hun Sen has the audacity to speak after the stampede and say that this was the biggest loss of life since Khmer Rouge. What the fuck? How did he forget the millions who died under his rule? Oh wait! This is not what good PR works like. He wants to make himself look like a caring prime minister who is concerned with lives and well being of his citizens because 2009 brought $1 Billion to his pocket from abroad so if he pretends he’s grieved and gets additional media coverage for it, he could cash out even more by the end of the 2010 tax season.

While Hun Sen was standing there, talking about how grieved he was over the loss of life, declaring the day of mourning, deep inside he was praising this day as the biggest international scale blessing that could have befallen upon him. Cambodia is a murderous and lawless nation and he is a mass murderer extraordinaire himself. They needed more international PR and he needed more good PR. And now the stampede occurs and look – he got both and quite possibly more with events that will follow. Instead of stopping this mass murderer, our governments will send him even more. Their kids will then gladly spend it all in Metro Cafe in Phnom Penh, while all high politicians will continue oppressing those who are not in the high places. Life will go on in Cambodia, Hun Sen is laughing on his way to the bank while millions in his backyard are dying due to poverty. Stampede and the deaths it caused was a true blessing for his cause.

Below is the video of Cambodian Stampede – the event that was a blessing from the sky for Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen. At least 375 people have been reported killed in the stampede:

And this is a video, member of the Cambodian National Senate gets stopped by the police because he was oppressing a motorcyclist but shows him what a police can (or can’t) do to him because he’s one of the elite (Cambodian elite drive fancy 4×4 SUVs).

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