Copy of the Bill of Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich from Nelly’s in New York ($47,000)

Copy of the Bill of Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich from Nelly’s in New York ($47,000)

Have you ever wondered what rich people eat and drink when they enter poshy establishments in metropolitan cities? Well, now you can find out. Pictured above is the copy of the bill Russian billionaire and the owner of Chelsea Football Club – Roman Abramovich paid during his stop at Nelly’s in New York.

The $47,000 bill Roman Abramovich picked up covered food and drink for himself and five friends. Most of the items are not that bad, just with upscale establishment prices ($27 for a capuccino), the bil grew into tens of thousands of dollars with bottles of expensive wines. Roman Abramovich won’t drink just about any wine, he must have La Tache Romanee Conti, a wine that costs $5000 per bottle. To keep the mood going, the party got additional two bottles of Chateau Petrus, another expensive wine that costs $5k per bottle and then there are also two bottles of Crystal Rose Magnum which are just as expensive. Must have been nice being a waiter who got Roman Abramovich and his people to serve to. 20% gratuity ended up being over $7000.

Source: BuzzFeed


Beer Steak Blog has been notified about the following:

This bill did not belong to Roman Abramovich. He and his party spent only about 3% of this amount in that restaurant. Furthermore, he and his party of 5 (half of whom do not drink) did not order 6 bottles of alcohol for an 75-minute lunch.

We apologize for publishing incorrect information.

Palin Syrah Blames Sarah Palin for Drops in Sales

Winemaker Palin Syrah Blames Sarah Palin for Drops in Sales

Oh, I know what you did there. Palin Syrah, an organically grown syrah (type of wine) from Chile is having beef with Republican VP Sarah Palin, blaming closeness of her name for drops in sales of their wine. Some wine bars seem unhappy too, claiming that Palin Syrah used to be their best selling wine, but it all changed with VP nomination of Sarah Palin.

What a bunch of whiny babies. I know what you did there, I know what you want. The wine maker and bars that stepped into the media turmoil regarding Palin Syrah are looking for free publicity. I got you all figured. You grabbed at the opportunity and looking to boost sales by means of free publicity.

And if there is any truth to claims that sales of Palin Syrah dropped just because a politician has a name that looks so similar, then I think I’m just gonna beat my head against the wall. Each time I think stupidity of human race has reached its highest potential, new horizons appears and the dumbness gets pushed even further. If you used to drink organic wine made in Chile called Palin Syrah, because it was of good quality and your taste buds appreciated it and you quit drinking it because a woman named Sarah Palin was chosen as running mate of John McCain – let me ask you… what are you a fucking idiot or something?

As for me, I feel tempted to giving Palin Syrah a try. Maybe I can make myself believe that it tastes like Sarah Palin’s cooch… damn. Gotta go get the door. Some men in black suits and sun glasses are banging on it……..