Baboons Perform Live Sex Show for Safari Tourists on Moving Jeep

Baboons Perform Live Sex Show for Safari Tourists on Moving Jeep

Give baboons a break. They are just voyeuristic exhibitionists close to humans. When a baboons needs to bust his nut, he busts his nut, even if it takes him for a ride on the trunk of a moving Safari Jeep. This weird sounding Polish screech kind of spoils the video, but it’s a pretty enjoyable live sex show never the less. It started with baboon pimp who wanted to go on a road trip. He was spotted by horny female baboon in heat who wasn’t letting an able bodied male baboon go all by himself with questionable morality Polish people, so she jumped on and without any second guessing offered her pink ass cheeks for insertion. Live sex show on your Safari Tour ride in Africa and you didn’t even have to put any coins in like in Amsterdam.

I was impressed by lady baboons willingness to chase after a male and get right down to sex without remorse. I wish lady humans were like that. I imagine riding on the hood in my hood, a ho comes running towards me, jumps the hood and spreads her thighs like bold eagle. I look at her, say to myself: “not a bad ho!” whip out my monkey tool and feel the insides of her lusty vagina. Then I pull out, lay back on the hood and look all bored so she can work her way to deserve my dick in her ass. Sweet life of a monkey. The video is below:

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