Duck Penis is a True Unfolding Monster (video)

Duck Penis is a True Unfolding Monster (video)

It was big enough a surprise for me to find out that ducks have penises, but the fact that their penis is often longer than their entire body – that’s too much already. What do ducks need a monster penis of such dimensions for? Life’s not fair. The particular specimen of Argentine lake duck (Oxyura vittata) seen in picture above had a 42.5 cm long penis.

Only few male bird species have penises. Ducks belong among the few. Duck penis looks like a corkscrew and unfolds in chunks to reach the size of almost half a meter. The mind-blowing video below shows the process of an unfolding screw penis coming out of a duck. Duck ladies obviously have massive vaginas if their male counterparts sport a penis that’s this big. And why is it so twisted? Do they screw themselves into the lady duck? Duh!

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