Canada – World’s Biggest Pot Smoking Country

Canada – World’s Biggest Pot Smoking Country

Yep, so we’re the biggest pot smokers in the world here in Canada. Not that it surprises me, I’m actually really proud. It always rocks when your country is first at something, but living in a country that’s first in pot smoking fucking rocks the shit.

According to United Nations report from 2007, Canada has larger population of pot smokers from all industrialized countries. I’m not sure if that means that some of non industrialized countries smoke even more than Canadians, but if it is so, then it would only mean that UN officials didn’t count pot smoking moose in.

The UN pot smoker results are as follows:

USA – 12.6%
England – 8.7%
Netherlands – 6.1%
Canada – sweet 16.8% of our population are pot smokers

I guess when it comes to the Netherlands, where marihuana is legal, they probably don’t feel like smoking it, since there’s no fun in smoking legal shit. Where as in Canada – I don’t even know what the fuck we’re thinking. Wait a minute, I’d make more sense if I wasn’t stoned out of my mind… What can I say? I’m Canadian…

Watch the video news report on pot smoking in Canada below. Notice the red head with dreads – she’s so fucking hot. Not only are we awesome potheads, Canadian chicks rule like no other.


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4 thoughts on “Canada – World’s Biggest Pot Smoking Country”

  1. It is not legal in amsterdam. It is the same as Canada. It is loosely enforced. Same as you can have small amounts of weed in Canada and not get busted is the same in Amsterdam. this is a common misconception about Amsterdam. I am from Amsterdam. The only difference is you can sell only small amounts. but the Cafes are not legal they are just tolerated. Very similar to Canada.

  2. uhmm, new zealand is 22% and Austrlia is 17%, shows how much you know… can even spell marijuana right.
    Canan is only 7.8% and is 8th in the world… fucking douchebag

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