Get a Brain Morans Pic (Go USA)

Get a Brain Morans Go USA

This is the famous, notorious, coveted Get a Brain, Morans pic – full edition, including the Go USA sign. The Get a Brain, Morans guy was at a pro-war get together aimed at countering the anti war protest in St. Louis, Missouri on March 23, 2003. And just as you would expect from any pro war moran, he was a complete tool. The picture captures pure essence of pro war morans better than anything ever. The Go USA only adds to the whole ridiculousness.

This is what went down on that epic day:

Pro peace, anti war activists got together – about 350 of them and marched peacefully towards the Boeing missile factory in St. Charles, MO. Pro peace protesters had civilian weapons inspectors among their ranks who demanded access to the plant to inspect the weapons of mass destruction that US government had produced there. Inspectors were denied entry, so the protesters sat in front of the main gate to the Boeing plant to protest the denial.

To show their support for bloodshed, about 75 pro war morans countered pro peace folks who were silently sitting at the gate. Pro war morans were yelling insults at the protesters and that one guy pulled out his epic sign that read: Get a Brain, Morans. His other sign read: Go USA. Way to immortalize yourself, moran!

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