Erin Moran (Joanie from Happy Days) Faking an Orgasm

How lame. The worst fake orgasm ever. Actress Erin Moran, better known as Joanie from Happy Days got a bit happy on a Celebrity Fit Club bus and after a few drinks, she started to act up and made a scene in which she was faking an orgasm and TMZ has it on video. Terrible.

BTW, what the fuck is that dude with blue baseball hat on the left of the screen chewing his gum like a mad cow for? Is he having a fucking seizure seeing how bad Erin Moran is in bed? I betcha she fakes orgasms during naked sex too. She’s probably perfected the art of fake orgasms, but she does it all wrong. My dick would go all limp after a fake orgasm that’s this bad. Get it right bitch, you suck at faking.

Oh yeah, rigth there, right there. She probably talks like that during sex too. She wouldn’t shut up, but the worst thing is, you know she’s faking it, so why would you want to fuck her right there? It does nothing to her anyway? Don’t stop, don’t stop… fuck it bitch, I’m all limp, I got to stop unless you shut your big mouth and quit acting like useless whore. That scream in the end, which is supposedly an orgasm itself is the worst. God I’d slap the bitch if I ended up in bed with Erin Moran. She truly is a moran..

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