Katrina Hodge Photo in Underwear

Katrina Hodge Photo in Underwear

Her friends call her “Combat Barbie” because that’s what she truly is. Katrina Hodge serves in the British Army holding the rank of Corporal hence “Combat” and she’s very good looking, hence “Barbie”. Aside from being a Combat Barbie, Katrina Hodge is also a Miss England. But despite being a female, it seems as though there has a set of brass balls somewhere in that underwear as that’s what it takes to make the kind of request Katrina Hodge presented beauty pageant judges with.

According to reports, Katrina Hodge told the Miss World Championship judges that bikini promenade is too stressful for the participants and suggested that instead of having the swimsuit round, the Miss pageants should replace it with a sports challenge. Hmm, if I were a judge, I’d reject that without second thought. Unless of course the sports challenge involves figure staking because that’s one sport full of crotch spreading in all imaginable positions you dream of exercising in bed.

As it turns out, the Miss England judges have listened to her blabber and British Telegraph has already reported that swimsuit competition will not be part of Miss England 2010. As such, Miss England just got a whole lot more boring. It is quite clear that Miss England 2010 will see the lowest ratings in history and 2011 edition will have to make up for it if they are to remain competitive. I have a suggestion – introduce pole dancing!

Oddly enough, even though 22 year old Katrina Hodge fights to have bikini exposure removed from Miss pageants, she’s no stranger to posing in bikini for cameras. Being a La Senza underwear model, she’s done a good deal of showing her skin, though with all private parts covered (see underwear photo above). Let’s hope a set of nude pictures showing those tender fleshy bits of Katrina Hodge hit the internet soon.

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