Kevin Klein Billboard with Foursome in SoHo Stirs Up Controversy (photo)

Kevin Klein Billboard with Gay Foursome in SoHo Stirs Up Controversy (photo)

Fact – sales of Kevin Klein are going to sky rocket this week. This is what I would call a perfect marketing campaign. Any marketing that doesn’t upset anyone is money wasted. Whereas if you come with an idea that stirs up controversy and gets everyone upset, especially the ranks of religious prudes, you know you’re gonna get insane media coverage and that drives sales. Latest Kevin Klein Billboard delivers just that. The billboard is posted in SoHo on Houston Street and Lafayette Street and shows four people engaging in what could be classified as sexually charged. There is definitely a threesome going on with another stomach revealing man at the feet of another not engaging in sex, but still being present, suggesting possible foursome. When it comes to billboards, Kevin Klein hit the nail on its head.

Of course random passer byers let themselves head immediately after the billboard was posted calling it “borderline pornographic”. Borderline pornographic my ass. I could never get off to that. There is an unfair man to women ratio on the billboard. There is only one topless girl making out with two topless men while another near topless man dreams of gay sex (that’s the way I see it).

To be honest, I’m kind of upset by the billboard myself. Seriously, we need more topless women than men on our billboard. I don’t know about Kevin Klein, but becoming a fashion designer often means that one is gay. That’s perhaps why the billboard has a sausage fest feel. Where the hell are provocative billboards with chick threesomes. I’m offended. Take that billboard down now!

Kevin Klein Billboard Photo by Costanza, New York Daily News

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