Lauren Cleri – Cheating Wife from Moment of Truth

Lauren Cleri - Cheating Wife from Moment of TruthFrank Cleri

Do you remember the Moment of Truth Blonde from yesterday, who admitted in front of millions of people and her husband that she was cheating on his and would like to be married to somebody else? Her name is Lauren Cleri and she only went to do that for the money and potential new job offers. She went live on TV to admit she was a slut and ended up with $0 because she’s not a good person, contrary to what she thinks of herself.

Howard Schultz, the producer of Moment of Truth talked to disappointed Lauren Cleri after the show, after she’d lost the money and she told to him that she wanted out of her marriage. But apparently this was not the primary reason why she went on the show. The lie detector found her telling the truth sixteen times, but she was lying about being a good person.

Well, since she didn’t win any money, maybe she’ll at least get job offers out of this all. Slutty blonds who sleep around are always sought for by MILF porn producers. She could do well. I wouldn’t be surprised if some adult studios actually contacted her. Expect Lauren Cleri sex tape pretty soon.

Lauren’s husband Frank Cleri was present while she admitted she cheated on him. He’s a cop in New York and he suspected there could be something going on with his wife behind his back, but he didn’t think it would come to light in front of entire nation. The future of their marriage is uncertain..

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