Leaked Police Tape of Tim McLean Beheading by Vince Weiguang Li

Above is the leaked police tape that was recorded after the police was called on the scene of gruesome stabbing and beheading of Tim McLean by Vince Weiguang Li aboard Greuhound bus en route to Winnipeg, Manitoba. The leaked tape includes verbal description of gruesome acts performed by Vince Weiguang Li that some viewers may find offensive or disturbing. Play at your own risk.

There’s nothing like boarding a Greyhound bus from Edmonton to Winnipeg (those are cities in Canada), put on the headphones with some of your favorite music and fall asleep as you’re carried by an overpriced transport service to your destination, only to be woken up to savage stabbing and beheading. This is what happened to 22 year old Tim McLean who was returning to his home town of Winnipeg, Manitoba after a carnival work in Edmonton, Alberta. Needless to say, Tim McLean never reached his destination. The bus ride was interrupted few kilometers from Portage La Prairie, Manitoba after another fellow passenger – 40 year old Vince Weiguang Li pulled out a butcher knife and stared to stab sleeping Tim McLean without any provocation of previous confrontation.

For more information, click on stabbing and decapitation of Tim McLean on board Greyhound bus.

The leaked police tape contains a recording of radio transmissions among RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) officers after they’d responded to the murder call on a Greyhound bus. The communication among the police describes the happenings aboard the bus after all passengers fled and Vince Weiguang Li was locked in with then probably dead corpse of Tim McLean.

The cops are not too happy about their “operational communication” being leaked, but obviously someone among their own ranks helped it on the internet and now it’s too late to do anything about it. The tape is leaked, deal with it.


– Alpha Eight, Zulu. Yeah, be advised they’re using the car in the ditch right beside the (bus) as a command post here. I got Delta One and Alpha Four’s just getting geared up.
– Copy that. We’re probably about five minutes away. Five to ten.
– Copy that. Badger appears to be a six-foot tall Asian male with short dark hair, black T-shirt armed with a knife right now.
– It appears he has two knives now.
– We’ve just confirmed that westbound traffic is now detoured.
– Forty Alpha Eight, Badger is armed with a knife and a pair of scissors and he is defiling the body at the front of the bus as we speak.
– He’s still inside the bus?
– Yeah. Right up front, right by the door.
– Copy that. Door open or closed?
– Door’s closed and locked with the key.
– Copy that. We’re just going around the bypass now. Other units are following behind us.
– Okay, be advised, he’s got a pair of scissors with him; the knife is towards the front of the bus I believe.
– Zulu Alpha Sixteen
– Standby for Zulu, he’s on the phone.
– Zulu from Alpha Eight, he’s at the rear of the bus hacking up the body.
– Zulu Delta One, Zulu Delta One, at your leisure could you give me a shout?
– Delta One, Zulu go.
– Okay, Badger’s at the back of the bus, hacking off pieces and eating it..

4 thoughts on “Leaked Police Tape of Tim McLean Beheading by Vince Weiguang Li”

  1. It truly amazes me that you feel the need to explain that Edmonton and Winnipeg are cities in Canada…. And that you have to explain what RCMP means…. Anyone should know that Edmonton is in Alberta and Winnipeg is in Manitoba.

    This is called media driven “Dumbing down.”

  2. Dan,
    Dude, not everyone is from Canada! The internet is worldwide, what do you think WWW stands for?…(World Wide Web) While I may know (I’m in northern New York USA) some folks in northern France may not

  3. S’il y a des gens de la nord de la france ici, j’aimerais le savoir….

    Didn’t think so.

    Face it…this blog is written by and for Americans. The only reason there are any Canadians reading this is because of the subject matter.

    I am only commenting on a media wide habit that prevails across the English language material found on the world wide web (the majority of which is generated by Americans)
    That much is undeniable.

  4. Bonjour, juste dire salut du Nord de la France!

    Just jousting, I’m in the the USA.

    RIP Tim, my heart goes out to anyone who suffered loss over this crime.

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