Lisa Lavoie – Another 24 Year Old Teacher with 15 Year Old Student

Lisa Lavoie Mugshot

Yes, I’m pissed off again and rightly so. Why the fuck would shit like that never happen to me when I was 15? Why would there never be a hot teacher willing to suck on my cock when I just started growing pubes. Hot teacher cougars let any 15 year old student drilled them in the ass and I had to wait till I was 20 to get my first whizz of pussy. Life’s not fair, not one bit. Damn…

Lisa Lavoie got herself arrested for potentially rubbing genital juices with a 15 year old student. Lisa is 24 year old first year teacher who went off the hook and introduced the boy to joys of relationships with an experienced woman and all that it brings. The kid probably got more sex in a few days that I get in years. Life ain’t fair.

Mother of a 15 year old boy from Holyoke, Massachusetts who’s a student at Maurice Donahue Elementary School was concerned about her son’s relationship with Lisa Lavoie and contacted the police – way to make your son hate you till the end of your days, mom. He’s gonna let you die in a senior house, abandoned with diapers full of shit. That’s what you get for not letting him pass on his sperm in the ass of a hot teacher. You don’t do that as a mother. If you care for your son, you let him ass fuck teachers. It’s for his best. I would have loved to do that when I was 15.

Three days after mother reported the shit to the police, the boy went missing. That’s a clear sign showing what the boy (he cannot be named) thinks about his mother. He wanted some pussy, mother put hers in the way. Boy chose more pussy and ran away with Lisa Lavoie. He’s got lots of sperm to give away, don’t be mad at him.

Sadly, the police tracked them down and found them in a hotel room in Morgantown, West Virginia. Lisa Lavoie is in custody and was charged by investigators with “enticement of a child”. This broad term apparently includes statutory rape charges. Shit! If convicted, Lisa Lavoie could lose her license to teach in the state of Massachusetts (no biggie, there are 15 year olds in other states to fuck) because she’s only been with Maurice Donahue Elementary School for 5 months.

NECN video about Lisa Lavoie situation is below:

Look at this:

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