Love Doll Brothels in Japan

Love Doll Brothels in Japan

The Only in Japan label often attributed to Japan is a well deserved one. And that’s in a good way – at least from my standpoint. No other country is whacky enough, or has the balls to do what takes place in Japan on a daily basis, but that’s beyond the point. Do you remember the post I recently made about brothels in Japan and how awesome they were. I posted whole gallery of pictures from inside the brothels to show how rooms are themed to satisfy the kink of any client, regardless of how twisted it may be. Well, there is one brothel niche in Japan that’s booming like no other. It’s Love Dolls Brothels. It is exactly what it sounds like – Love Doll Brothels are brothels that base their business on offering clients sex with love dolls, aka silicone humanoids made to look like cute girls from fantasy movies.

Make no mistake, though. A Japanese Love Doll is not the same as a sex doll you buy from a sex shop on line. Those Jenna Jameson sex dolls are cheap inflatable jokes that don’t deliver real pleasure. Japanese Love Dolls are a whole different league. They are made of silicone which houses a metal skeleton with functional joints that allow the love doll to imitate the moves of a real woman.

Because of high quality of material and workmanship used in production of Japanese Love Dolls, they come with a mighty price tag. The cheaper ones usually go for about $6,000 which makes the cost of acquiry rather prohibitive for most men. And that’s exactly what smart businessmen in Japan realized and next thing you know, Love Doll Brothels start popping up all over the place.

Naturally, one would think that if a man is willing to pay for sex with a love doll, he might as well pay for sex with a real woman in a brothel with live girls, making for an impression that a business model of a Love Doll Brothel is unsustainable but the experience proves otherwise. As it turns out, there are many men who are too shy to deal with a real women and feel much more comfortable in presence of a love doll. And then there are others who appreciate the fact that unlike real women, love dolls don’t yap, don’t say no, don’t complain and don’t cheat on you.

A real woman plain and simple cannot offer what a love doll can. Women are too full of themselves and take pleasure in breaking men’s hearts so dealing with a doll is an upgrade from an unpleasant experience real women provide. Plus in Japan, men are obsessed with anime and manga girls and having sex with their favorite characters is one of their biggest fantasies. Love Dolls basically offer a way to hit two birds with one stone and that’s why Love Dolls Brothel business models is so successful in Japan. Check out the gallery of pictures below:

2 thoughts on “Love Doll Brothels in Japan”

  1. How dare these Japanese guys believe that
    there should be pleasure (gasp!) involved in
    a relationship with a woman without being
    complained to, vented to, obligated to give
    the required “conversation” or “encouraged”
    to cooperate and agree or face punishment
    (the withholding of sex). Wow! They must
    be really insane!

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