Paul Mason – World’s Fattest Man

Paul Mason - World's Fattest Man

Paul Mason of Ipswitch, Suffolk, UK is officially the World’s Fattest Man. The title used to belong to Mexican Manuel Uribe, but while Manuel Uribe kept losing weight to get married, Paul Mason kept stuffing his face until his weight grew over that of Manuel Uribe. The doctors have the name for being a fat ass – “compulsive eating disorder”. I have my own name for it: “being a lazy and spoiled f$%k with too much money to waste”.

70 stone, super obese Brit Paul Mason requires care which costs British tax payers £100,000 a year. Stuffing one’s face is easy and excuses for it are at hand at any time. It takes a lot of self control and sacrifice to not eat each time there’s an opportunity, but unlike Paul Mason, I try. I’m about 40 pounds over what I would like to be but I could easily reach the level of Paul Mason and become the world’s fattest man myself if I decided that I was gonna be a whiny b!tch and blame it on a non-existent “compulsive eating disorder”.

Being lazy and spoiled is not an excuse. How do you think all those people who have not been blessed with well performing metabolism stay away from becoming the world’s fattest people? It’s not easy but we all try. Paul Mason doesn’t try because giving in is easier. We all have cravings and sometimes the cravings win. But Paul Mason has decided he was not going to fight them and this lead him to growing to the point of becoming the world’s fattest man.

Check out the TLC video with Paul Mason below:

Paul Mason photo by Fox News

12 thoughts on “Paul Mason – World’s Fattest Man”

  1. I agree with you. It isn’t fair for taxpayers to have to pay for this guy to be looked after. He made himself that way, so he should have to pay for his own medical attention. I watched the full TLC program yesterday and at the time the show was made, he was still eating almost constantly! Nice article, thanks for posting.

  2. You act like it’s easy to stop it with the eating disorder. PROVE IT. Lose that 40 pounds.

    We have anorexia, bulemia, smoking addictions, drinking addictions, and other things that tax money goes toward treating.

    The man lost his parents and even his sisters. He needs love, not to be judged.

  3. There is no excuse for being lazy & getting fat. But, there isn’t just an eating disorder here, there’s a psychological depression with this guy. British taxpayers were paying for his care, & told him it was cheaper to get his surgery then to continue supporting his eating habits. He also went through the surgery to pay. While I agree the guy should be held responsible for paying for his own surgery, on the other hand, from a human decency perspective, someone should’ve reached out to this guy a long time ago. I have a hyperthyroid, not because I watch what I eat…I have an imbalance in my metabolism, which is why I’m super skinny….I’ve been called anorexic, etc. as a result. I’ve tried so many ways to gain weight, & it just won’t work. How ’bout you stop judging others, & see the pain they’re in, & support the effort being made to lose the weight.

  4. It was more cost effective for him to get the surgery than to continue the day to day care for him. The doctor in the film did remark that since Paul was bedridden ANYTHING he ate would go to fat. Until he was in hospital on a very restricted “milk only” diet he lost some weight. This diet would not be good at all long term due to lack of vitamins and fiber. Metabolism, activity and calorie input all are factors in weight loss/gain. I have had people who desperately tried to gain weight and due to rapid metabolism as Amy describes could not. Good on Paul to get the determination to do this thing AND have a film made! He is still young enough to enjoy the rest of his life.


  6. Hmm Jeff, I bet you are absolutely perfect, not overweight, dont drink, don’t smoke, not too hot on the spelling though are you? Do you reckon you would have the determination to lose 25 stone like he did? Nah, didnt think so. It’s you that sounds like the waste of space.

  7. It is obvious he is addicted to food. Yes, it is possible. Yes he did it to himself. But if we take that into consideration, then most people with heart problems, diabetes, and cancer did that to themselves too! Lets just not take care of anyone. We should expect folks to eat heatlhy and excersise all of the time.

  8. that is sad! if people view america this way then something needs to change because that is not at all what its like. it migh tbecoming to that but at least were trying to do something about it!

  9. did u see the video? He’s trying! I agree with Melanie, prove if you think it’s so easy to lose weight, and drop your 40 pounds!!

  10. did u see the video? He’s trying! I agree with Melanie, prove if you think it’s so easy to lose weight, and drop your 40 pounds!! ;(. And Jeff has a point, you do sound like a hippo, and you yourself should put down your attitude and lose some weight yourself!!

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