Paul Mason – Video of Surgical Removal of 10kg of Fat from His Leg

Remember Paul Mason – that fattest man in the world? Despite an enormous amount of fat that Paul Mason built up on himself, he’s still alive and British surgeons continue to try to save his life. Video above is a short document of an operation in which the surgeons removed 10.5 kilograms of fatty tissue from Paul’s leg. This chunk of fat grew on the inner side of his thigh preventing him from trying to walk.

The surgeons hope that by removing this massive chunk of fatty tissue from Paul Mason’s leg, the fattest man in the world will be able to learn how to walk again and get some exercise. Please keep in mind that the video contains images of surgical operation. There’s a bit of blood also visible so do not watch if you are easily offended.

Good luck to Paul Mason and here’s hoping that he collects himself and stops stuffing his face with junk food all the time. Stay strong, dude.

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