Story of Half Ton Teen Billy Robbins with Photos

Half Ton Teen Billy Robbins

Even though Billy Robbins lost half of his weight, he will be remembered as Half Ton Teen. While I’m sure weighing half ton while you’re a teen can’t be good for your health, it works for publicity. Look at it this way – how many of you had had a documentary filmed about yourself? See? Billy Robbins did and it’s airing on Channel 4 this Monday. Mind you he’d probably rather not have it and be quote for quote “normal”, but he isn’t. Since documentary about being a half ton teen isn’t much to brag about, perhaps a title of World’s Heaviest Teenager which Billy Robbins took after his weight exceeded half ton surely is. I mean even Maxi Mounds brags about her giant breasts yet most people think it’s disgusting…

Because of his weight, Billy Robbins was unable to leave the house for 3 years. His mother – Barbara Robbins was so “devoted” to him, he literally brought him on the fringe of death. She would serve Billy fattest foods available to satisfy his massive appetite, until his weight reached half ton and doctors warned him he could die if overfeeding continues.

When Billy Robbins got to a point that he was unable to move because of his weight, his mother Barbara would bathe him by hand. He was her baby, so she did everything for him. She also paid for home schooling because Billy was being teased at school. That move itself left Billy Robbins without any exercise, so all he’d have to do whole day is sit in his bed and get served by his mom.

After doctor’s warning, Billy promised to cut down on his eating. The goal was to lose two and a half stone. Without that, the surgeons would not be able to operate on him safely. The surgery rid Billy Robbins of 5 stones, subsequent exercise and a reduced calorie diet helped to drop additional 20 stones. Another operation was performed and Billy was nearly half his previous half ton weight.

After seeing devastating effects her overfeeding had on Billy, Barbara Robbins took psychiatric treatment, so she would not feel the urge to give his son whatever he’d ask for – whether good for him or bad. She confessed that this “overcompensating” was a result of a loss of her first child Matthew, who died when he was 19 months old because of brain tumor complications.

The documentary about Half Ton Teen Billy Robbins will be airing on Channel 4 on Monday. It’s titled Half Ton Son. Photos of Billy Robbins are in a gallery below:

Source for Half Ton Teen Billy Robbins Photos: Daily Mail

6 thoughts on “Story of Half Ton Teen Billy Robbins with Photos”

  1. Not negating the fact that Billy is a total wuss, his mother should be charged with maltreatment of a hippo. If Billy’s mom wants to know why her son’s dying, she has no further to look than the mirror!

  2. We should be more kind and bless God, that He does not give us such a tragedy. After watching this movie I understood that these people blame only themself and say thank you to God Who helps them to overcome this problem. Wish BILLY to lose more weight as he can and to stay as kind and good boy as he is.

  3. Fat slug should have been left after not taking the chance he had been given seriously. Left as an example for others. DIsgusting people.

  4. Neil, he is just a CHILD. If you are raised that way, it is normal to you. Don’t be such a judgemental prick. The mother is the adult who made the decisions – SHE should be arrested for child abuse.

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