Is Seeing Believing – Full 2010 Documentary by BBC Horizon

Is Seeing Believing - Full 2010 Documentary by BBC Horizon

Is Seeing Believing is a documentary by BBC Horizon which taps deep into people’s minds to explore how we respond to illusions. The documentary looks into the science of illusions and explains why our sense fool us. As you watch “Is Seeing Believing”, you’ll start to understand why it’s possible to trick people’s sense of taste by just changing the color of what they’re about to eat or drink. It explains how what you hear can change by what you see.

An interesting part of the Is Seeing Believing documentary is the section about Daniel Kish – a man who lost his sight when he was a child. However despite being unable to see, Daniel Kish can create mental images of the world around him by clicking his tongue and echolocating the environment in much the same way bats do.

The case of Daniel Kish caught interest of some scientists who are running MRI scans on him to see if he may have actually rewired his brain to see through sounds. Is Seeing Believing is truly a fascinating documentary that’s worth a watch. This BBC Horizon program which was originally broadcast in 2010 is available here in full length of 1 hour. Watch it as a YouTube video below:

Lindsay Lohan Documentary About Child Trafficking in India – BBC Trailer

Lindsay Lohan Documentary About Child Trafficking in India - BBC Trailer

Lindsay Lohan may have spent whole last week sun tanning in St. Barts with fiasco in the end, but apparently she’s been busy trying to get her PR in order by filming a BBC sponsored documentary about child trafficking in India. Yes, by looking at Lindsay Lohan’s past, one would have to be blind to not have noticed what desperate attention whore she is, but she must have hired good publicist to put her in path of this documentary cause that’s just about what could work.

Lindsay Lohas is useless as actress and unable to score any decent gigs and whoring herself out as lesbian is getting old, so what could she do to stay in spotlight and improve her public image? How about a documentary about child trafficking in India. That should work. Many people will see it as an effort to make change in child’s life, others could simply see Lindsay Lohan in a movie, regardless of whether it’s a documentary or not so it will give an impression that her acting career is not completely dead… And then there are those of us who believe that she doesn’t care one bit about child trafficking in India but it’s a good opportunity to put her name back in the spotlight so she jumped right on it.

BBC has released first trailer from the upcoming documentary featuring Lindsay Lohan which is now available on YouTube. You can watch the trailer below. There isn’t that much to see yet, but could be interesting.

Story of Half Ton Teen Billy Robbins with Photos

Half Ton Teen Billy Robbins

Even though Billy Robbins lost half of his weight, he will be remembered as Half Ton Teen. While I’m sure weighing half ton while you’re a teen can’t be good for your health, it works for publicity. Look at it this way – how many of you had had a documentary filmed about yourself? See? Billy Robbins did and it’s airing on Channel 4 this Monday. Mind you he’d probably rather not have it and be quote for quote “normal”, but he isn’t. Since documentary about being a half ton teen isn’t much to brag about, perhaps a title of World’s Heaviest Teenager which Billy Robbins took after his weight exceeded half ton surely is. I mean even Maxi Mounds brags about her giant breasts yet most people think it’s disgusting…

Because of his weight, Billy Robbins was unable to leave the house for 3 years. His mother – Barbara Robbins was so “devoted” to him, he literally brought him on the fringe of death. She would serve Billy fattest foods available to satisfy his massive appetite, until his weight reached half ton and doctors warned him he could die if overfeeding continues.

When Billy Robbins got to a point that he was unable to move because of his weight, his mother Barbara would bathe him by hand. He was her baby, so she did everything for him. She also paid for home schooling because Billy was being teased at school. That move itself left Billy Robbins without any exercise, so all he’d have to do whole day is sit in his bed and get served by his mom.

After doctor’s warning, Billy promised to cut down on his eating. The goal was to lose two and a half stone. Without that, the surgeons would not be able to operate on him safely. The surgery rid Billy Robbins of 5 stones, subsequent exercise and a reduced calorie diet helped to drop additional 20 stones. Another operation was performed and Billy was nearly half his previous half ton weight.

After seeing devastating effects her overfeeding had on Billy, Barbara Robbins took psychiatric treatment, so she would not feel the urge to give his son whatever he’d ask for – whether good for him or bad. She confessed that this “overcompensating” was a result of a loss of her first child Matthew, who died when he was 19 months old because of brain tumor complications.

The documentary about Half Ton Teen Billy Robbins will be airing on Channel 4 on Monday. It’s titled Half Ton Son. Photos of Billy Robbins are in a gallery below:

Source for Half Ton Teen Billy Robbins Photos: Daily Mail

Earthlings Documentary – Animal Abuse Video with Joaquin Phoenix

Earthlings Documentary - Animal Abuse Video with Joaquin Phoenix

I have just watched this excellent documentary titled Earthlings. The name of the documentary may not suggest it at first, but it does make a lot of sense once you start watching it. It’s a video about animal abuse. Perhaps one of the harshest and most comprehensive video documentaries on animal abuse produced to date. It’s not easy to watch at all, especially if you’re an animal lover and human hater like me. Earthlings basically dips into every situation known to men involving animals and how we as fellow Earthlings have come to exploit animals, abuse them and brought many on the brink of destruction. Earthlings documentary is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix – great guy, great actor, animal rights activist and an overall great person with fantastic voice. Director and producer of Earthlings – Shaun Monson could not have picked a better person to narrate this documentary. It also comes as no surprise that Earthlings documentary is fully supported by Woody Harrelson – an activist for sustainable life choices. Musical score for Earthlings has been provided by another activist and an excellent musician – Moby.

Earthlings documentary is divided into five main section: Pets, Food, Clothes, Entertainment, Research. Each of these “industries” if you will involve animal abuse and exploitations, oftentimes done behind closed doors so average folk doesn’t know the real deal. The documentary reveals all the colorful details of mistreatment of animals with recordings of actual events that will make your non existent heard bleed tears. It’s saddening how far we as humans have fallen. The documentary also dubs into seal hunting in my home country of Canada. It also talk about (to me the most shocking) dolphin mass slaughter in one of my favorite countries – Japan and also talks about whaling which is done in great deal in another of my favorite countries – Iceland. So unfortunate so many great countries disregard the fact that animals have feelings. Animals experience fear and pain, more so than humans as many of their senses are developed better than same sense in humans, hence the experience of pain through these fine nerves is more intense.

Earthlings is definitely a great documentary that everyone should see. Prepare for a rollercoaster of images that will make you extremely sad and upset. It doesn’t help one bit that I have just seen another gut wrenching animal abuse video – Kenny Glenn beating and abusing cat Dusty. Not to mention that fail of humanity with chimpanzee in Connecticut I mention in my previous post that deals with the cartoon by Sean Delonas.

I truly feel like animals should really just gang up on us disgusting humans and exterminate us once and for all. We’re the scum of this Earth. We are the one destroying it and we’re also destroying these precious animal. Shame on us. We deserve the worst of punishments. Everybody, please watch Earthlings and reconsider what you eat, what you wear, what you use and what you watch for entertainment. Make adequate lifestyle changes for the better. These defenseless animals need it. If you don’t do it, then who will? Please 🙁

Earthlings Documentary – Animal Abuse Video narrated by Joaquin Phoenix is below:

Religulous – Documentary about Religion with Bill Maher

This looks like a pretyt good documentary. Titled Religulous, the full feature film follows humorist Bill Maher on his quest around the world interviewing people about religion, God and all that good stuff.

The trailer above is just a warm up, but if entire Religulous is done in the same spirit, this movie is gonna be fun to watch. Bill Maher of course utilizes his wits to deliver unprecedented questions and interviews that bite right where it itches.

Religulous is directed by Larry Charles, the dude who also directed Borat. They’re sure playing a high game, there’s hardly any other institution as powerful as religious groups. Fr thousands of years, religion has been the tool of mind control and it is no secret that biggest wars have been ought in the name of God. Some of the greatest atrocities of all time have been committed in the name of God. Would the same people let this movie fly? Or are we going to find a pic of Bill Maher on the box of every pasteurized milk few weeks down the road?.