Aubrey O’Day Naked Ass Photo Posted on Twitter

Aubrey O'Day Naked Ass Photo Posted on Twitter

Aubrey O’Day, who’s basically a nobody got desperate for attention yesterday and posted a picture of her naked ass on twitter. You see, women like Aubrey O’Day don’t have much going for them. They got a brief shot at fame at some failed reality show and when they faintly burning candle goes out, they go all out in desperate attempt to put that spotlight back on their ass.

Not that I find anything wrong with that. The more failed sluts feel the need to seek attention via half naked photos, the more nude ass there will be to jerk off to. And since there never is shortage of failed sluts, there will never be shortage of naked ass photos on twitter or internet as a whole. Aubrey O’Day simply showed us what we already know. Her star that’s never shined bright is fading by the day so she’s trying hard to draw attention to herself by the only means available to her. And since her lack of skill to produce anything worthwhile is apparent, there is one more naked ass on the net to drool to. Way to go, Aubrey O’Day.

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