Carin Ashley – Sexy Girls Next Door

Carin Ashley - Sexy Girls Next Door
Carin Ashley - Sexy Girls Next Door

Meet Carin Ashley. Carin was on 2005 Special Edition of Playboy entitled Sexy Girls Next Door. I’m not sure about that one. Carin Ashley is hot and I wouldn’t hesitate exchanging genital juices with her overused vagina, but she looks anything but a girl next door to me. She does look sexy though, so I left that one out form the previous statement.

Carin Ashley was born in Florida on January 13, 1984. Her parents moved to Slidell, Louisiana shortly after her birth so Carin grew up in a genuine southern setting. Her 32 DD boobs are a bit too big for my liking and look like they may have been helped by plastic surgery, which definitely doesn’t count as a Sexy Girls Next Door anymore, but I may be mistaken. Tits too big never the less, unless you love giant chichis.

EDIT: nevermind – Carin Ashley does have implants. Just did some research and yeah… silly cow got her tits augmented. Well, it got her on cover of Playboy, let’s just hope they don’t explode on her when she flies in a plane. Actually, that’d be hilarious. I’m hoping someone films that when it happens. Wouldn’t that be the shit 😀

More of blonde Carin Ashley. What do you think? Yay or nay? Would you hit them fake titties?

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