Heidi Montag Shows Off Her Giant Melons

Heidi Montag Shows Off Her Giant Melons

Lame joke, I know. Give me a break though. It’s Thursday, I have the right to be slow and lame today. Anyway – Heidi Montag went out grocery shopping with Spencer Pratt, paps were around and Heidi felt the need to show off her giant melons. Maybe she’s shopping around for her next breast implants and decided watermelons would be better than silicone.

Heidi Montag ranked as #36 hottest female on the Maxim magazine’s Hot 100 list for 2008. Maybe she’s trying to improve her ranking or something. Not like giant melons are going to do the job or anything.

To get you all barfed up, below is the video from HeidiMontag.com which is supposed to be her latest song titled “Overdosing” and you better have a vomit bag at the ready cause that shit is a serious bile upsetter. Just fucking terrible. Heidi Montag = FAIL!


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